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English School Championships 2018

The stars for the future kids (Ilze, Baljit, Jarnal, Aman, Toby and Adam) competed at the School Competition organised on the 17th March 2018 Warwickshire College.
Head coach  Kazem picked the whole team of 8 people at 7:30am. While driving up to the competition venue the car crashed due to skidding on the snow and lost control. Everyone was completely fine. The kids parents were of big help after the incident. Thanks  to Ilze’s father (Mauro Rappa and Mr Singh’s brother who drove us up to the competition-venue even after being late for the weigh in somehow managed to have weighed in with the help of the competition organiser who was kind enough to let this happen Steve Cannon. 
After all the hassle in the morning the kids had an amazing 6 out of 6 result with some pbs. Kerensky our new coach managed the team and took responsibility of accompanying the kids to the platform and warming up before going on the platform.Kerensky did really well under the guidance of Coach Kazem. 


Ilze in 75kg year, first place in year 11: 45+55= Total 100kg- 4kg PB- 
Baljit in 30kg, first place in year 6, 17+22= Total 39kg – 8kg PB (Technical points: 70)
Aman in 30kg, first place in year 2, 10+13= Total 23kg – 6kg PB (Technical points: 60)
Jarnal in 35kg, first place in year 5, 19+25= Total 44kg– 7kg PB (Technical points: 70)
Toby in 56kg, first place in year 10, 43+55= Total 98kg– first competition ever
and Adam 62kg, third place in year 10, 45+57= Total 102kg – 2kg PB