Club Rules

Club Rules

Like most clubs, we have our rules and everyone has to comply with them

Club Golden Rules

Stars for the Future coaches 10 Golden Rules:

1. Be at least 5  minutes earlier than others

2. Wear the club t-shirt time to time.

3. Use appropriate behaviour and language

4. Check the equipment beforehand – tell the head coach so we can try and fix it.

5. Share your time evenly between all lifters.

6. Actively promote the club and encourage everyone to stay and bring new lifters.

7. Make sure fees are paid.

8. Take a register for all sessions and report back to head coach.

9. No mobile phones used during the session if it is not for the clubs purpose.

10. Tell the head coach if you can’t attend a competition in a month advance.

11. Support the club by checking Facebook and Twitter regularly


Clubs policies we follow by are :

The Constitution
Health And Safety Policy
Equity Policy Statement
Code of Conduct for Club Officials and Volunteers
Safeguarding Policy (Previousely Child Protection Policy Statement)
Emergency Procedures
Code of Conduct For Coaches coaching junior lifters
Privacy Policy
Grievance Procedure
Image Consent Form
Club Complaint Form