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British Age Group Championships

BRITISH AGE GROUP CHAMPIONSHIPS 27TH FEBRUARY 2016 PHOENIX THEATRE CASTLEFORD Here we are with 2 Silver and one Gold at the British Age group championships. New British champion in Under 15  Simran Brar in 69kg . He did very well with personal best in snatch 66kg( dropped 70kg), clean & Jerk 80kg and got 2 red on 83kg and make him… Read more →

British Student Championships 2016

British student championship 2016 April Result                          Photos in Facebook Kian with a 4kg PB. 110kg snatch+135kg clean & Jerk, he lost gold by body weight to Chi Chea with the same total of 245kg. Not bad for a 17 year old with 76.400kg body weight. Nam Ahmadi made a… Read more →

Phoenix Open Competition 2016

Phoenix Cup Weightlifting Competition Invitation: International club Competition for Youth, Junior and Senior – Men and Women Results Group 1 Photos – Youth and Junior girls Group 2 Photos – Youth boys Group 3 Photos – Junior boys Group 4 Photos – Senior women Group 5 Photos – Senior men Photos in facebook Competition booklet and guide  Starting list for… Read more →

Training Camp with Kazakhstan National Team

To prepare Kian for Commonwealth Youth Games, find training partner for Adam and provide more ex-perience with elite lifters, we set up a camp with a Kazahstan national team from 19th to 27th August. Kian and Adam are training with some of the best lifters all over the world, including for example Mai-ya Maneza, 63kg category 2012 Olympic gold med-allist… Read more →

London Youth Games 2015

Here we are again with Stars for the Future coming to the London Youth Games 2015 with 4 boroughs and a much better result than last. Hillingdon and Ealing shared first place like 2013 but with different lifters. Ealing Kian Panjavi from Ealing came out with 103kg snatch which was the heaviest successful snatch and 120kg clean and jerk which… Read more →

Lille 20th Mémorial Comines 2015

International Tournament in France – Lille 20th Mémorial COMINES Kian did 102kg snatch (personal best) + 120 kg (missed 123kg) and became 5th in his group being the youngest. Deborah in 69kg did easy 56kg and get red in 60kg! and 70kg clean and Jerk but missed 75kg jerk and missed 5th place between all the girls. She became 9th.… Read more →

Womens Competition at Crossfit Ivy

Women  competition at Crossfit IVY 29/03/2015 in Crossfit Ivy. 22 lifters from 12 schools, unis, clubs and crossfit clubs across London were having a good time in two groups; novice lifters and experienced groups. Starting off with Seesy with an amazing 14kg clean and jerk at 6 years old with a 24kg body weight and finishing off with Noorin in the… Read more →

British Schools & Development Cup 2015

  12 lifters qualified at west London school competition.11 people paid and registered to compete, one just didn’t turn up (missed Silver) one didn’t train and we didn’t let her to join and one with family problem.And the results?3 Golds: a) Tia Gayle from Queensmead in year 7 with 45kg snatch and 53kg C&J with new PB. b) Sophyia Rana… Read more →