London & South East Last Chance 23/09/2017

On Saturday 23rd September, the team were let loose to do their thing at the London & South East Weightlifting competition which was held at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre.

Our two club members Louise Blair (-69kg) and Vindhya Gobin (-63kg) participated in this event and were coached by Max Bedouet. With great teamwork and support for one another, the 3 club members were able to bring home an amazing result.

The schedule of the competition ran smoothly with the girls weighing in from 8-9am and having the opportunity to watch other participants lift before they were due to take the stage in the afternoon. Both girls lifted in group 4 and on completion of stretching, it was now down to Max to use all his knowledge on the scoreboard passed on by head coach Kazem Panjavi to get the girls warmed up in time for each lift and he succeeded.

The girls took to the platform with everything they have been taught and achieved a number a of PB’s. Louise snatched 47kg which was a 4kg PB and lifted 61kg in the clean and jerk which was a 1kg PB giving her an overall PB total. Vindhya snatched 50kg, a 2kg PB and lifted 58kg in the clean and jerk receiving a bronze medal.

Overall, a fantastic performance by the girls and well done to Max on his first job as a coach.