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 Stars for the Future are an Olympic Weightlifting Club. This club has been formed to find the most talented athletes in and around West London. This club is run by Kazem Panjavi, an olympian weightlifter, with the passion to teach this sport to the younger generation.

Stars For The Future has covered, Ealing, Hillingdon, Hounslow and Harrow. You are all welcome to join the club and become a part of it all! Weightlifting is an excellent form of exercise and if its just to keep fit and getting into shape, or competing or even to help you better your performance in another sport, then weightlifting is what you are looking for.

AN APPEAL TO PE PROFESSIONALS AND PRIMARY SCHOOLS AND HIGH SCHOOL HEADS IN WEST LONDON WEIGHTLIFTING WORKSHOP PRICE LIST FOR CROSSFIT CLUBS  Weightlifting features two lifts; the snatch, and the clean and jerk. In the snatch, the objective is to lift as much weight overhead, as quickly as possible and in one movement; in the clean and jerk, two movements are utilized. Both these lifts are very technical and are performed powerfully and explosively. Weightlifting is an Olympic sport and weightlifters are arguably the most powerful athletes competing at an Olympic games. The abilities required by the weightlifter include technique, power, speed, strength, flexibility, and courage. Although weightlifting is a sport in its own right, the techniques of the clean and jerk and the snatch are used extensively within sport-specific.

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