West london schools in Barnhill on 12/12/11

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We had 27 lifters from 8 schools ;

Barnhill School – Brentside School –  Bishop Ramsey- Cardinal Wiseman- Felthm school- Brentford for girls- Rivers Academy -Slough high school

Missing shools :  greenford / twyford / dryton/  Acton / ongley / green schoo.l


Here are the people  who qualified for school championship

1-Gurdeep Paul- Barnhill School in year 8-first place

2- Habibullah Ahmadi–   Barnhill School  in year 8 first place

3-  Kian Panjavi – Brentside School  in year 9 first place

4-  Reece Gladwi  from Bishop Ramsey 62kg in year 11  first place

5- Laxman Thapa Magar  from Longford    62kg in year 11  second  place

6-Morgan Neckles Barnhill School , 40 kg in year 7  first place

7- Shonagh Woodburn Feltham school – ( she may get qualify for English as well) 53 kg in year 8  first place

8-Mariam Gulam Barnhill School ( she may get qualify for English as well) 53 kg in year 10  first place

9-  Noorin Gulam Barnhill School ( she qualify for English and British u20) 53 kg in year 11  first place best Female lifter in competition

10-Poi Fakcha Feltham High   (she qualify for English and British u20) 58  kg in year 11 first place

11-Sabin Sunwar Brentside School  (he qualify for  British u18) 56 kg in year 12  first place and best male lifter in competition

12- Jaspreet Paul Barnhill School (he qualify for  British u17) 56  kg in year 12  second  place

13- Namatullah Ahmadi Barnhill School  (he qualify for  British u18) 62  kg in year 12 first place

14- Louis Hamptan-Jones  Barnhill 56kg in year 11  first place

15 – Karanpal Cheeta  Barnhill 56kg in year 11  second place

16- Dave Tomkins  Felthm school  62 kg in year 11  first  place

17-  Mustafa Begzad  Barnhill 62 kg in year 11  second  place

18-  Kirsty Crawford  Brentford for girls 69 kg in year 11  first  place

19- Louise Nolan Cardinal Wiseman  69 kg in year 12  first  place

20-  Stacey  Roberts Barnhill  58 kg in year 12  first  place

21 –  Neil Bhattacharjee- GCSE-Barnhill 77 kg in year 12  first  place

22- Arjun Cheeta-   GCSE-Barnhill  + 77 kg in year 11  first  place

23-  Rhys Clarke  GCSE-Barnhill 77 kg in year 11  second  place

24- Thomas Snelling   Rivers Academy  77 kg in year 11  first  place

25- George Ward    GCSE-Barnhill -69 kg in year 11  third  place

26-  Alex Edmonds Sehgal  St Marys university Guest qualified for English championship

27- Lisa Price St Marys university  Guest qualified for English championship


We have 16 lifters can go to British school championship on 3/3/2012 in Oldbury

Also 4 girls qualified for English championship (18/2/2012)


Referees : Phil Price, Jaspreet Paul, Kamran Panjavi , Louise Nolan, Rhys Clarke , Adam Mattisussi, Namatullah Armad.

Assistant coach :Kamran panjavi & Adam Mattisussi

Competition director  : Carol Lamb

Mc and Judge  : Steve Cannon

Head coach: Kazem Panjavi