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3rd International Phoenix Invitation Only Competition December 2017

3rd International Phoenix Invitation Only Competition December 2017 [table id=8 /] Full report Results Photos Man Group.[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”37″ gal_title=”2017- 3rd International Phoenix weightlifting- Male lifters”] Photos Female Group.[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”38″ gal_title=”2017- 3rd International Phoenix weightlifting- Female lifters”] Photos Official and medal.[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”39″ gal_title=”2017- 3rd International Phoenix weightlifting- Medal ceremony, officials and setup”] Youtube Welcome pack Page 1– Page 2 Starting list and… Read more →

Ealing Sports Awards 2017


Thursday 13th July 2017

Our club had 3 nominees for 3 separate awards and all are listed below

Junior Sportsman of the year

Kian Panjavi, Commonwealth silver medallist, was shortlisted in the top 3 people for the Junior Sportsman of the year

Club of the year

Stars for the Future was nominated the top 3 club in the Ealing borough for the Club of the year

Coach of the year

2017 Coach of the year sport award!

Kazem Panjavi, our head coach was shortlisted as coach of the year of which was one of the toughest groups out of all the other awards and he won the award!

A leaf of Kazem’s award taken from the booklet from the awards:

Kazem is the driving force behind Stars for the Future Weightlifting Club; a former Olympic lifter himself and GB coach he works with lifters of all ages and abilities using his own passion and coaching expertise to get the best out of every athlete from novices to British champions. Kazem helps his lifters develop a “coaching eye to improve their own and others techniques. He has such a unique may of explaining technical aspects making them simple and easy to remember. Kazem puts so much time into improving each lifter both physically and mentally, if there is a weakness to be worked on he knows how to fix it or will invent a way. One member said that the best decision in my sporting life was to move to this club and be coached by Kazem.

“I have been working with Ealing Council since 1999 through all the London Youth Games and I feel l am port of this big family. Since I retired from weightlifting competition, I get satisfaction by seeing my lifters win their titles, become British Champion and become national team members.
“That is how I make myself happy. Now I can see it is my turn and 1 are perhaps going to win something with honour after my world title at the World Masters Games in Canada 2005 and it is reminding me of all the good times I had through my weightlifting career and I am tasting this feeling again. Thank you again.”

The page for all the nominees are on the Everyone Active website

2017 British Senior Championships

British Senior Championships  Ricoh Arena, Coventry Click HERE for the results from the Championships! Adam Fedorciow won the bronze medal at the British Senior Championship 2017 with a 140kg snatch and a 176kg clean and jerk. This was 4kg more than his gold medal-winning result from last year. This year his silver medal turned to the bronze medal because of… Read more →

2017 British Student Championships

British University and College Championship 2017  1st-2nd April 2017 The British University and college championship 2017 kicked off as early as 7am for Debbie, Kerensky, Kian & Nam for the weigh in. Over 100 lifters, coaches and spectators from 30+ universities and colleges were attending the weekend event. The event is the biggest weightlifting meeting involving students in Britain. Lifters… Read more →

Women Olympic weightlifting session, 2017 special offer

8 Women sessions for only £8, available for 12 new girls age between 13 to 25 years old who want to try and learn Olympic weightlifting. Saturday 10:30am to 11:30am 04/02/2017- 11/02/2017- 18/02/2017- 25/02/2017- 04/03/2017- 11/03/2017 at Ealing Shopping centre (free) 18/03/2017- 25/03/2017 Please  send your full details to Check out our last course for women in 2016 in… Read more →