English championships in Oldbury – 18/02/2012

2012 English championship -Oldbury - 18/02/2012 


  • Last year from St Marys in 2011 English championship,  Emily Cushion became the English champion and she was our only qualify lifter.
    After one year I am proud to say that all the hard work (Phil Price’s support and his group from St Marys) is all paid off.
    This year we have: 4 Gold’s, one 4th place and 5th place
  • 1)  Emily Cushion              (Gold)    69kg category, total of 140kg-from St Mary’s- last year champion
  • 2) Adam Mattiuss             (Gold)    69kg category, total of 236 kg, fought very well and won by only 1kg  from St Mary’s  
  • 3) Justin  Oro-Campus     (Gold)   105kg category, total of 260 kg  from  St Mary’s
  • 4)  lisa Price                         (Gold)   75kg category, total of 105 kg – from St Mary’s
  • 5) Alex Edmonds Sehgal   (4th )    53kg category, total of 90 kg –  from  St Mary’s
  • 6)  Poi Fakcha                      ( 5th )   53kg category, total of 90 kg – 16 years old  from  SFTF
  • Namatullah Ahmadi       Referee             from Barnhill
  • Jaspreet Paul                Referee             from Barnhill  
  • Phil Price                      Team leader       from St Mary’s
  •  Kazem Panjavi              Head Coach       from  SFTF
  • Missing from the team (couldn’t make it to the competition):
  • Sam Colgate                85kg – shoulder injury 2 days before. Could of had a Bronze medal.
  • Noorin Gulam               53kg from Barnhill  16 years old  qualified but went on holiday
  • Mariam Gulam              53kg from  Barnhill   14 years old qualified but went on holiday
  • Shonagh woodburn    53kg from Feltham   qualified but as she is 12 years old she is not allowed to compete .