British School Championships 2012


2012 British school championship -Oldbury - 03/03/20122012 British school championship -Oldbury - 03/03/2012 

Last year fromm Barnhill and Brentside in 2011 British school championship , Noorin, Mirwaz and Kian took 3 gold medals.

After one year I am proud to say that we could involve 7 schools from HIllingdon. Hounslow, Ealing.

This year we have : 6 Golds, 5 Silvers, 2 Bronze and one 4th place.


1) Noorin Gulam              53kg  from Barnhill     (Silver )   year 11 – total  90kg , last  year champion

2) Mariam Gulam             53kg from  Barnhill    (Bronze)  year 10 –  total 73kg      

3) Louis Hampton Jones    56kg from Barnhill     (Gold)     year 11 –  total 107kg 

4) Habib Ahmadi              56kg from Barnhill      (Gold)     year 8     

5) Gurdeep Paul               62kg from Barnhill      (Silver)  year 8

6) Mustafa Begzad          69kg from Barnhill     4th      year 11 (unlucky to drop 72kg, could be Bronze)

7) Kian Panjavi                50kg from Brentside  (Silver)  year 9 – total  92kg last year champion

8) Lax Hoppach               62kg from Longford  (Gold)   year 11 -total  121kg

9)  Poi Fakcha                   58kg from Feltham     (Gold)  Year 11 – total 92kg

10) Shonagh woodburn  53kg from Feltham      (Gold) year 8

11) David Tomkins           69kg from Feltham    (Bronze) year 11 – total  128kg  (biggest lift in team)

12)Kaushigun Thinakaran 53kg from Ellen Wilkinson (Silver) year 8-could be gold if she could lose 1 kg)

13)Blerta Ibish                 35kg from Brentford  (Gold) year7

14) Recce Gladwin            62kg from Bishop       (Silver) year 11(unlucky to drop 71kg, could be gold)


Namatullah Ahmadi    Referee from Barnhill

Jaspreet Paul             Referee from Barnhill  

Zhian Panjavi             Referee from SFTF

Carol Lamb                Team leader from Barnhill

 kazem panjavi          Caoch and driver  SFTF  

Reserve team ( they couldnt make it to the competiton):

lucie  Y8   Feltham

zhina Y8 Feltham

 Karanpal  Y11  Brentford  

Mirwaz Y8 rBarnhill

Morgon Y7 Barnhill

Yasmin   Y8 Barnhill

Charlotte Y11 Brentford

Jak Y9 Barnhill  


Schools involved in British weightlifting championship 


1-Bishop  High school  

2-Barnhill community high

3-Longford  community high school (River academy)

4-Ellen Wilkinson high school for girls

5-Brentford high school for girls

6-Brentside high school

7-Feltham  community hig school 

unforchantly Greenford high school, Drayton manor, Acton High school and Twyford didnt entre as they had very good potential to bring more medal for Ealing.