For companies, schools, colleges, CrossFit clubs and weightlifting clubs :

Weightlifting Course (Snatch & clean and jerk)

Half day: £200 

Full day (excluding travel costs):  £325

One To One offers:

1 full session: £70

Couples offers:

1 full session : £70 + £25

2022 course and seminar dates: 21st Oct- 22nd Oct- 23rd Oct- 28th Oct, 29th Oct, 30th Oct- 11th Nov- 12th Nov- 13th Nov- 18th Nov, 19th Nov, 20th Nov

2023 course and seminar dates: 27th Jan- 28th Jan- 29th Jan- 10th Feb – 11th Feb- 12th Feb- 17th Nov – 18th Nov- 19th Nov-  3th Mar- 4th Mar- 5th March- 25th March- 26th March- 1st Apri- 2nd Apr- 8th Apr- 9th Apri- 15th Apri- 16th Apri-5-May- 6th May- 7th May

Olympic lifts have become synonymous with high-level performance and conditioning. As a result, it would be very difficult to find a top-level sportsperson regardless of their field of endeavour who has not trained in the snatch or clean and jerk. Olympic lifting is excellent for developing speed, acceleration, coordination and power, components of fitness which are highly sought after. However it is not just elite-level athletes who can benefit from learning and training in Olympic lifting, everybody can benefit from learning the lifts and their progressions.

The weightlifting group training is for a wide range of people from fitness professionals, personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, health practitioners, CrossFit practitioners and weight-lifting enthusiasts

The benefits you obtain from this group is a detailed introduction to Olympic Weightlifting as a method of training and conditioning and learning how to perform the main Olympic lifts and all of the preparatory and assistant lifts and developing your own lifting technique and most of all help you teach others safely and effectively ad Olympic lifts are excellent for developing speed, acceleration, coordination and power, components of fitness which are highly sought after, lift safely without injuring yourself, perform better in your own sport, get stronger, faster and more flexible by learning the correct technique, measure your improvement

You will get an introduction and learn about safety, specialist warm-ups and how to break down the major lifts and perform and teach every individual component like the Snatch, the Clean and the Jerk. You will also learn how to implement Olympic lifts into training sessions and design new programs for Olympic lifting and a large variety of assistant exercises to improve performance and technique.

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