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The Kaz Bar Drill

A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Weightlifting The Kaz Bar Drill is a specialised weightlifting exercise designed to enhance strength and improve technique for beginners. Utilising a unique barbell known as the ‘Kaz Bar’, this drill focuses on promoting proper form and maximising lifting efficiency. The Kaz Bar Drill is renowned for its effectiveness in targeting key muscle groups, making it… Read more →

3rd International Phoenix Invitation Only Competition December 2017

3rd International Phoenix Invitation Only Competition December 2017 [table id=8 /] Full report Results Photos Man Group.[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”37″ gal_title=”2017- 3rd International Phoenix weightlifting- Male lifters”] Photos Female Group.[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”38″ gal_title=”2017- 3rd International Phoenix weightlifting- Female lifters”] Photos Official and medal.[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”39″ gal_title=”2017- 3rd International Phoenix weightlifting- Medal ceremony, officials and setup”] Youtube Welcome pack Page 1– Page 2 Starting list and… Read more →

Oxford Powersports Open

The Oxford Powersports open is a Tier 3 competition, which took place on Saturday 26th August at Oxford Powersports, situated at Oxford RFC. The team was off to Oxford at the home of their Powersports team with 9 lifters registered for this competition. Stars for the future sent a mix of new and experimented athletes to this events. The gym consisted… Read more →

2017 London Youth Games

London Youth Games 2017  Crystal Palace Sports Centre 09/07/2017   RESULTS 2017 wasn’t as successful as few years ago but we had a very good performance from Kerensky Fernandes for Ealing and Bruce Hill for Harrow. She did 58kg in snatch (PB) and 68kg in clean and jerk leading her to a silver medal at London Youth Games. She missed… Read more →

Women’s weightlifting trial in Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre

On Saturday 11th March, Stars For The Future held a women’s weightlifting session and a demonstration in Ealing Broadway Shopping Center from 12:00 to 14:00. Big thanks to Ealing Broadway Shopping center management and Ealing development sport to support this event. Afterwards the club provided a free trial for the public. It was a very successful event due to the… Read more →

Women Olympic weightlifting session, 2017 special offer

8 Women sessions for only £8, available for 12 new girls age between 13 to 25 years old who want to try and learn Olympic weightlifting. Saturday 10:30am to 11:30am 04/02/2017- 11/02/2017- 18/02/2017- 25/02/2017- 04/03/2017- 11/03/2017 at Ealing Shopping centre (free) 18/03/2017- 25/03/2017 Please  send your full details to Check out our last course for women in 2016 in… Read more →

London and South East last chance 2016

Crystal Palace London SE last chance with 4 of our lifters. The aim for the day was only one thing: experience, experience, experience. It didn’t me how much they lifted, just to enjoy and perform well and professionally, and yes they did it nicely. Max in the first group for his first ever competition did well even without me as… Read more →