British Seniors 2013


 British Seniors 2013

In the 13/07/2013 British Seniors(Bangor);

1-Louis Hampton became a British senior champion and broke another British record with 85kg snatch in 56kg catagory- he missed 106kg in his jerk which could make another British record in clean & jerk and Total.

2-Noorin Gulam  Bronze in the 53kg category.

3-Poi Fakcha  Bronze in the 58kg category.

4-Shila Panjavi lost a gold medal and attained silver with a 144kg total in the 58 category.

5-Adam Mattiussi  lifted for St Marys is the 2013 British senior champion did 125 snatch and 146 kg C/J. We are very proud of him, he just missed 156kg jerk twice which could have lead him to the European u23 in this September, dont worry Adam there is still time in next year.

6-Nam Ahmadi just got injured and couldn’t finish his lift,he missed 4th place in 62kg

7- Shonagh Woodburn-Hall qualified few days late, she could have taken 4th place as well. She was helping the head coach.

8-Kian panjavi took photos, videos, was behind the technical officials doing the recording of the weights and played music between lifting.


Overall we took third place in the British senior championships with 102 points without Nam and Shonaghs points which means we lost 48 points.

Next year we will be the British champion for sure.

The seniors will be the last competition till Oct till British u18 and in total of all club competitions we have the highest club points in Britain.


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