U20 & U23 London & South East Regional



Wow- wow-wow great great lifting everyone.

Sweet Tia did 6 perfect lifts finished with 21+27. She is only 10.
Kian won first place in 62 kg with 2 kg personal best in snatch with 67kg and 73 kg clean&jerk
Gurdeep came second with only 2 lift- 60+70.He missed 64 & 74.
Nam was the star today with 90kg +110kg. He is only 1kg short for British record u18. Hope he can do it in France next week.
Se our youngest boy had a 8kg personal best. He came first in the 85kg did 55+73, he is only 13 years old.
Noorin become best female lifter in london regional with 5kg personal best in 53kg. She did 55kg and 70kg. I hope England talent see her improvement she had since 13 July in senior.
Alysia in 69+ got first with new PB. She cleaned 58kg which never tried it before.
Sorcha looks much stronger from the youth game, she muscle snatch 40kg and easy 50 C/J, She got first place in 53kg.
Shonagh lifted in 58kg and is 14 years old.She did 51+65 and with big surprised to the head coach she had a PB in clean & Jerk with no training over the summer.
Poor princess had bad luck with two tough referees who give her 2 red lights in her 42kg three times. She could have come second in 58kg u20s.
Adam, kazem’s strongest and favourite lifter as he is lifting in kaz’s old category the 77kg from St Mary’s did amazing performance, power snatch 115kg, 121 and the easiest PB ever with 126kg did 145 power clean and jerk and cleaned 152 with one hand! and missed the jerk very softly.
Big big thanks to Shila , Louis and Rich who gave up their saturday to support the club when they could have had a fun weekend. I do appreciate all of them.
Thanks to Jackie, Tia’s mum, who gave a lift to the team today
And those who passed their level 2 (nam, Louis, Shila and rich) they have now completed their coaching tasks required post course. Poi and adam have to do this at another time.


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