English Weightlifting Championships 2014




A Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Qualifying Event

Date:       Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd February 2014

Venue:     Harry Mitchell Leisure Centre, Broomfield, Smethwick, West Midlands, B67 7DH.

English Championship 2014 results

We took 8 lifters age between 15 to 23 and unluckily we came third.

Adam Mattiussi came out with his best performance by 130kg in snatch and 153kg clean & jerk to have his silver medal around his neck and hit the qualifying mark for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and at the same time he earned his ticket to fly to Colorado, USA to train with 3 talented England lifters to train with best USA junior team.

In 53kg:

Noorin Gulam – silver medal from Barnhill – Hillingdon

Sorcha Gavin – 4th place which could be Bronze if she could lift 67kg – Whitmore High -Harrow


Shila Panjavi lost Silver by dropping 77kg and bombed (team lost 23 points)


Alysia Ekpiken from Lampton High- Hounslow and 15 years old – 7th place

Louis Hampton came 3rd and is from Barnhill but lives in Ealing managed to break 4 British under 18 records in 62kg again.

Since last year he broke 14 national records.

Nam Ahmadi in same category with 4th place, but he dropped 121kg in clean & jerk to miss his bronze.

Stuart Diplock came 5th in the 85kg category. If he could have repeated his PBs he has done in training he could have came third


1- Joanne Calvino – Crystal Palace-  150kg

2- Noorin Gulam – Stars for the Future- 130kg

3- Joanne McManus- Crossfit Manchester- 116kg

4- Sorcha Gavin- Stars for the Future- 112kg

5- Shireen Amir- Gateshead- 105kg

6- Alex Sehgal – St Mary’s University – 104kg


58kg girls with 8 lifters

1- Zoe Smith- Bexley Europa- 206

2- Amber Sheppard- Crystal Palace- 137

3- Poi Fakcha- Crystal Palace- 129

4- Claire Donnelly- Sutton and Epsom- 121

5- Michelle Davis- Crossfit Manchester- 116

6- Ellie Needham- Empire Sports Club- 104

7- Emma Watson- Team Manchester- 86

8- Shila Panjavi- Stars for the Future- 61-  no lift 77kg clean – missed 138kg


WOMENS 75+KG 7 lifters

1- Mercy Brown- Crystal Palace- 201

2- Amy Kirby-Saunders- Empire Sports Club- 145

3- Ruth Carpenter- Crystal Palace- 136

4- Amelia Lonsbrough- Leeds City- 136

6- Anna Hopcroft- Sussex Strength- 131

7- Jennifer Stott- Crossfit Manchester- 108

8- Alysia Ekpiken- Stars for the Future- 101


62kg boys – 6 lifters

1- Jaswant Shergill- Oldbury Academy- 240

2- Christos Michaelas- Team Manchester- 237

3- Louis Hampton-Jones- Stars for the Future- 210- 99kg British record and 210kg total record – 4 under 18 record

4- Nam Ahmadi- Stars for the Future- 205- Nam dropped 121kg jerk and lost Bronze medal

5- Nicholas Muhanza- Crossfit Manchester- 95

6-Jonathan Turpin- Leeds City- 80


77kg boys- 13 lifters

1- Shaun Clegg- Team Manchester- 287

2- Adam Mattiussi- Stars for the Future- 283- Adam qualified for commonwealth games

3- Halil Zorba- Crystal Palace- 275

4- Liem Bui-Le- Crystal Palace- 261

5- Nick Cantwell- St Birinus- 255

6- Kristian McPhee- Brunel University- 231

7- Calum McNamara- Bethnal Green- 225

8- allen court- Oldbury Academy- 220

9- Owen Lockwood- Mytholmroyd WLC- 219

10- Chris Chea- Woking- 217

11- Stephen Cook- KBT-215

12- Rob Anderson- St Mary’s University- 210

13- Chi Chea- Woking-210


85kg boys- 10 lifters

1-Bradley Burrowes- Empire Sports Club- 295

2- Cathal Byrd-  (Northern Ireland)- 275

3- Lewis Ridett- Brunel University- 261

4- fridi ibrahimi- Brunel- 250

5- Stuart Diplock- Stars for the Future- 248

6- Alvin Ossai- Sutton and Epsom- 245

7- David O’Dwyer- Genesis- 245

8- Jonathan Thompson-  (South West)- 236

9- Eddie Chambers- St Birinus- 235

10- Sebastian Pardo- Bethnal Green- 232


We took third place with the lifters who we created, we could close our eyes to the lifters who have behaviour issues and fight for first place however we believe that discipline is the key priority for our champions.


Team results

1-Crystal palace

2- Empire Sports Club

3- Stars for the Future

4-Team Manchester 145

5- Crossfit Manchester 113

6- Bexley Europa 103

7- Bethnal Green 95

8- Sutton and Epsom 87

9- Brunel University 71


10- St Birinus


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England championship 2013-Feb.jpg-for-web-xlarge



and SUNDAY, 17th FEBRUARY 2013

2013 full Result   –  Photos  –  youtube  –  facebook – Gazette Ealing –  Hounslow newspaper-   Uxbridge newspaper



Gold – Louis Hamtpon-Jones – 56 Category – 80kg Snatch + 95 C&J = total 175kg Best sinclair from England. From Barnhill Community High (Ealing)

Silver– Adam Mattiussi – 77kg group – 120kg snatch + 150kg C&J = Total270kg                                                        Part of England national squad. from St Marys- (Hounslow)

Silver–  Shila Panjavi –  58kg group – 60kg snatch + 76kg C&J = Total 136kg KIngston University (Ealing)

4th– Poi Fukcha –  58kg group – 60kg snatch + 68 kg C&J = Total 128kg From Feltham Community high (Hounslow)

4th- Noorin Gulam – 53kg group – 48kg snatch + 60 kg C&J = Total 108kg From Barnhill community high (Hillingdon)

4th- Nam Ahmadi – 62kg group – 80kg snatch + 107 kg C&J = Total 188kg From Barnhill community high (Hillingdon)


Overall our team came fourth out of 21 clubs but because Adam Matuissi was listed as St Mary’s, his points didn’t count for Stars For The Future so we would have been 1st if his points had counted for kazem team.


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2012 English championship -Oldbury - 18/02/2012 


  • Last year from St Marys in 2011 English championship,  Emily Cushion became the English champion and she was our only qualify lifter. After one year I am proud to say that all the hard work (Phil Price’s support and his group from St Marys) is all paid off. This year we have: 4 Gold’s, one 4th place and 5th place
  • 1)  Emily Cushion              (Gold)    69kg category, total of 140kg-from St Mary’s- last year champion
  • 2) Adam Mattiuss             (Gold)    69kg category, total of 236 kg, fought very well and won by only 1kg  from St Mary’s  
  • 3) Justin  Oro-Campus     (Gold)   105kg category, total of 260 kg  from  St Mary’s
  • 4)  lisa Price                         (Gold)   75kg category, total of 105 kg – from St Mary’s
  • 5) Alex Edmonds Sehgal   (4th )    53kg category, total of 90 kg –  from  St Mary’s
  • 6)  Poi Fakcha                      ( 5th )   53kg category, total of 90 kg – 16 years old  from  SFTF
  • Namatullah Ahmadi       Referee             from Barnhill
  • Jaspreet Paul                Referee             from Barnhill  
  • Phil Price                      Team leader       from St Mary’s
  •  Kazem Panjavi              Head Coach       from  SFTF
  • Missing from the team (couldn’t make it to the competition):
  • Sam Colgate                85kg – shoulder injury 2 days before. Could of had a Bronze medal.
  • Noorin Gulam               53kg from Barnhill  16 years old  qualified but went on holiday
  • Mariam Gulam              53kg from  Barnhill   14 years old qualified but went on holiday
  • Shonagh woodburn    53kg from Feltham   qualified but as she is 12 years old she is not allowed to compete .  


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