Phoenix open competition 13th Dec 2014 starting list

Weigh-in for group 1 & 2 at 8am
Weigh-in for group 3 & 4 at 11am
Group 1 – Male under 23 B( 10 Lifters  10:00 – 11:30)
Group 2- Girls ( 11 Lifters start 11:45 – 13:30)
Group 3 – Boys under 17( 6 Lifters start 13:40 – 14:40)
Group 4 – Male under 23 A( 9 Lifters start  14:50 – 16:10)
Address: The venue is locaed in the main quadrangle on the main road of the Burroughs. Parking is available in Grey Hound HIll Car Park
91 The Burroughs
What a great day
35 lifters from 7 different teams lifted at Middlesex University, one of the most beautiful events we have ever seen to let us show our talent and teamwork, passion, loyalty and sport personality.
We started at 8am with the weigh-in and started 10 o’clock sharp with the first group Under 23 B which had 10 lifters. At 12 o’clock was group 2 was all of the girls U23 and U17 with 12 lifters and 2 missing girls. At 2 o’clock was group 3, the youth boys and the last group, Males Under 23 A with 9 lifters and we finished at 5 pm sharp, right on schedule.

With our sponsors, Drinks Stop Cash and Carry, Middlesex University, CHAK89, JM Gavin Ltd, Sunbury Performance CrossFit, CrossFit Ivy and Kaz Oly lifting we were able to treat our lifters like real champions and we respect all of the hard work they put into training to perform and show all of that in 6 minutes on the platform.

That is how we should look after our champions and hard working lifters. To be in this stage they had to work very hard and they deserve more, not only cheap awards. Next year in our international open we will bring more sponsors and more support to our lifters.
We should thank Brian Hamill, Denise Ramsey, Adam Chung, Shyam Chavda and his great team who were spending the night before to set up the venue and show great passion towards this sport.
One of the best results we can get off this competition is 9 British Under 16 records being broken by Se Gavin (90+95 snatch, 115 clean and jerk and 210 total) in the 94+ and Kian Panjavi in 69kg category with 97+99 snatch, 121 clean and jerk and 211+220 total which helped him to hit the qualifying total for the European Youth and Commonwealth Youth Games.
In the girls group, Noorin Gulam she showed her best improvement of the year with 63 snatch and 84 clean and jerk which lead her to the Olympic Development Squad for 2015 and also became the best Female Lifter of the competition. Naz, Melissa and Adam Federciow also qualified for the English Championships in February.
Also our best and strongest lifter was Adam with 120+161 and became the best Male Lifter in the competition. In the Under 17 there was a very strong performance from Fridi Ibrahimi from Brunel with 121 snatch and 153 clean and jerk in 85kg category and Sorcha Gavin with 52 snatch and 64 clean and jerk became the best U17 female lifter.
In our last competition of 2014, after competing in 19 competitions, our lifters performed 174 times on the platform in the national and regional and our club competitions.
This time we used the latest technology with video entertainment, music, food and coffee for technical officials to show our appreciation towards the people who are helping us who gave up their weekend to help our sport become better.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Head Coach and Team Leader, Kazem Panjavi and Alistair Arendse.


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