Oxford Powersports Open

The Oxford Powersports open is a Tier 3 competition, which took place on Saturday 26th August at Oxford Powersports, situated at Oxford RFC.

The team was off to Oxford at the home of their Powersports team with 9 lifters registered for this competition.

Stars for the future sent a mix of new and experimented athletes to this events. The gym consisted of two squash courts converted into one dedicated to the warm-up area and the other for the main platform. Outside, the building is located on the Oxford RFC premises, offering a green landscape to our Londoners.

At 10am, the men’s 56-77kg category started off with Eytan (-62 kg, senior), Matt (-62 kg, U20) & Mustafa (-69 kg, U23). Eytan successfully completed only one snatch attempt with 68kg and Matt managed 73kg on this event for a Silver medal. Mustafa, for his first competition went 3/3 on his snatch attempts finishing with a PB at 75kg. The clean and jerk saw Eytan working up to 97 kg, winning gold with a combined total of 165. Matt also won silver in his category with 160 kg total, allowing him to partake in the British U20 at the end of September. Mustafa took the bronze and totaled 162 kg, missing out the qualification for the British U23 Championship by 3kg after his first competition. Not too bad for an athletes coming from boxing!

The next session saw Kerensky Fernandes (-58 kg, U20) competing at 11.20 am. Fernandes, lifted 59 kg (PB) in the snatch event and 66kg in the clean and jerk. With a combined total of 125kg Keresensky won the gold medal in women’s -58kg division.

The super heavyweights division started along with the -85kg. Max (+105 kg) won the gold after a combined total of 273kg (118+155). He managed a PB in the clean and jerk event and narrowly missed 157kg.

Louise Blair scooped bronze (-69 kg) for her first competition did very well with a combined total of 103 (43+60). She is already looking up to the qualification for the British U23 championships. Vindhya Gobin (-63 kg) lifted 48 in the snatch and 60 in the clean and jerk event despite having suboptimal rest during her preparation leading to the competition: well done!

Lastly, Adam Fedorciow (-105 kg) and Andrew Haston (-94 kg) both completed the team line up for the competition. Fedorciow, lifted 135 in the snatch phase while Haston managed to lift a 123kg PB at this event. The subsequent clean and jerk phase saw Adam Fedorciow with 165kg and 135kg for Andrew Haston both awarded gold medal for totaling 300kg and 258kg respectively.

Overall, the team gathered 5 gold, 2 bronze and 1 silver medals, which is the best team result of 2017 so far. This competition gave a warm welcome to the newly appointed Chair Nicky Yudin, who supported the team throughout the competition. The head coach Kazem Panjavi is already looking at the Women’s competition in Harrow on the 3rd September 2017.




4 gold, 2 Silvers and two Bronze
1) Mostefa in 69kg under 23( 75+91) Bronze
2) Matt in 62 under 20(73+87) Silver
3) Eytan in 62 senior (68+97) Gold
4) Louis in 69 under 23 ( 43+60) Bronze
5) Vindhya in 63 Senior (48+60)
6) Kerensky under 20 in 58(59+66) Gold
7) Max in 105+ senior (118+155) gold
8) Andy in 94 senior (123+136) Gold
9) Adam in 105 senior (135+172) Gold . Thanks to Nicky to come along with new shirt and support the team.

Good result for our team.