British U18 and U23 in Oldbury

British under 18 and under 23 in oldbury 22 Oct 2011
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  • That wasn’t an easy competition for coaches. 2 platforms, 12 lifters and no rest if you are the driver as well as jumping from left side to right side of the venue. Thanks must go toAdam Spence and his help for coaching the other side of the venue, he was a great help. Thanks to Kian for taking all photos and thanks to Mariam Gulam for the video recording.

    With the support of Miss Lamb from Barnhill, we could take the under 18 team to Oldbury.


  • Shila Panjavi : 58 kg under 23 GOLD (team Capitan)

  • Emily Cushion: 63 kg under  23 GOLD

  • Justin Oro-Campos: 105kg under 23 GOLD and strongest man in the competition

  • Noorin Gulam: 53kg under 18 Silver (personal best 2kg)

  • Sabin Sunwar: 56kg under 18 Silver (51.2 kg body weight)

  • Sam Colgate: 85kg under 23 Silver (15 kg personal best)

  • Adam Mattiussi: 69kg under 23 Silver (again personal best 5kg , and best technique in the team)

  • Gerard Lee: 77kg under 23 Bronze (just missed the silver by not jerk 115)

  • Poi Fakcha: 53kg under 18 Bronze(just missed the silver by not jerk 52kg)

  • Kevin Yeung: 85KG 4th place (11kg personal best

  • Nam Ahmadi 62kg under 18 4th place(missed the gold by not losing 2 kg to lift in the 56kg category)

  • Joy Soo Bubblii Kisuka 53kg under 18 4th place. My unlucky lifter, personal best in the snatch, 44kg C&J in her first attempt but dropped without referee permission

  • Jaspreet PaulandNam Ahmadiwere umpiring in 2 categories, Barnhill have 2 young weightlifting referee now. It is shame Louise Nolan couldn’t make it to Oldbury to get her chance to referee in British championships.

  • Makeda Lewis could get Gold medal if she could just make it to be there.

    Thanks toRob Andersonand Jo Stephenswere big support for st Marys lifters . Rob bring LiftBig shop on the venue with great staff.

    All  photos

    Result from BWL