English Open Championships in Empire Sports Club







Empire Sports Club English Open SATURDAY, 9th July 2011


Another successful trip to Bristol(Empire Club) 14 lifters this time- %90 made personal best+ 3 new British record by Kai in 77+…. cant be better then this -except my headache after 5 hours driving and 7 hours coaching

There is the result:

1- Luke Stevenson  –  St. Mary’s  (senior)  85 kg-   (70+92)- 5kg personal best

2- Rob Anderson –    St. Mary’s     (senior)   77kg- paid   (80+105)  5kg personal best

3-  Gerard Lee –         St. Mary’s   (senior)    69kg  –unluck day- dump three time


4- Kian Panjavi     (U13)         Stars for the future-  45kg-  (35+44) 7kg more then last week British under 13

5- Shila Panjavi    (senior)      Stars for the future-  58kg-   (50+60) still not back to shape

6- David Tomkins   (U16)        Stars for the future – 64kg-  (43+57) 2kg PB

7-  Poi Lautner Fakcha  (U16) Stars for the future – 53kg-    (32+43)  6 kg more then last week

8-   KAI  JONES   (U16)             Stars for the future   -77+kg – (75+93) three personal best PLUS three British record in his age catagorey

9- Sabin Sunwar (U16)               Stars for the future –   54kg –    (55+68)  5kg more then last week in youth games

10- Habibulah Ahmadi   (U13)   Barnhill Community school  -50kg – (28+33) 6kg more then 2 weeks ago in British u13

11- Namatullah  Ahmadi (U16)   Barnhill School- (46+68) new PB in C/J

12-  Jaspreet Paul              (U16)     Barnhill School – (45+65) 8kg PB

14- Shahram Nojo               (U16)     Barnhill School -77kg-  (45+62) 6 kg PB

Zalash and Nooren spouse  to come but they didnt contact coach, shougna came but no sit avilable for her cousin, same as for Mirwaz as he came without confirm it with coach

2 Under 13- 7 under 16-  4 senior