FULDA Cup Championships in Austria 2012


P1030259.JPG-for-web-large Second place for us representing England team between 16 teams and 8 countries.Pictures of the competitionBritish WeightliftingBack in September 2011, Stars For The Future set out to make a team and take them to Faulda, Austria. After a couple of months of hard work, scouting the boroughs of west London, we created a team of 19 lifters to lift in Austria and represent England.

We achieved amazing results, and as a team we became 2nd out of 16 teams and 8 countries. we could have had gold if two of our other lifters could have lifted that day.Our lifters came from Barnhill, Feltham, St Marys, Ealing and Harrow. We achieved 4 golds, 4 silvers and 5 bronzes. Many of our lifters preformed incredibly well and most acomplished new personal bests.

The Boys

Under 14:  56kg

We had Kian Panjavi and Habibullah Ahmadi. Kian lifted 49kg snatch and 57kg clean and jerk with a total of 106kg. Kian came 1st. Habibullah lifted 42kg snatch and 61kg clean and jerk with a total of 103kg.Habib fought very well for his silver medal. He got the best lifter award for the 1999 age group.

Under 14:  62kg

Gurdeep Paul lifted 44kg snatch and 50kg clean and jerk, but missed 58kg. total of 94kg coming 4th, he missed 58kg jerk just after refree gave him down bazzed.

Under 17:  56kg

Louis Hampton lifted 51kg snatch missed 56kg and 75kg clean&jerk.With a total of 126 he became 3rd.

Under 17:  62kg

Namatullah Ahmadi lifted an impressive 75kg snatch and 85kg clean and jerk, almost had 100kg but missed. Getting a total of 160kg and coming 2nd.

Under 17:  77kg

David Tomkins represent the Feltham club. Lifting 65kg snatch and 80kg clean and jerk. Acheiving a total of 145kg and coming 3rd.

Under 20: 56kg

Jaspreet Paul lifted 50kg snatch and 70kg clean and jerk, missed out on 72kg but achieved 120kg total and came 1st.


Under 20: 77kg

Ehsan Khushkhui one of our new lifters lifted 63kg snatch missed 70kg, and lifted 95 kg clean and jerk with a total of 158kg coming 1st.

Under 20: 85kg

Stuart Henry Diplock another new lifter from St Marys lifted 85kg snatch and 115kg clean and jerk. With a total of 200kg coming 3rd, and personal best.

Under 23: 77kg

Adam Mattiussi lifting an impressive 108kg snatch, missed 112kg and 128kg clean and jerk missing 135kg.( he could get best lifter award in all man catagory) He totaled 236kg and coming 1st, and second best lifter in u23.

Under 23: 85kg

Kieran Parkin lifted 81kg snatch and 103kg clean and jerk totalling 184kg and coming 2nd.

The Girls

Under 17

Poy Fakcha and Noorin Gulam represented the under 17 girls. Poy lifted 42kg snatch and 55kg clean and jerk. She achieved132.70 sinclair points.Poi had 2 red light on her 61kg jerk which could give her Bronze medal but coming at 6th place. Noorin lifted easy 43kg snatch and 53kg clean and jerk. With a sinclair point of 137.46 she came 4th in the competition.

Under 20:

Representing the team we had Alexandria Sehgal from St Marys, She lifted 41kg snatch and 49kg clean and jerk. With a total of 123.98 she came 6th in the under 20’s.

Under 23:

Shila Panjavi and Emily Cushion lifted. Shila lifted 55kg snatch and 69kg clean and jerk with a sinclair total of 167.35. Emily lifted 62kg Snatch and 79kg clean and jerk with 169.63 sincliar point. Emily came 2nd and Shila came 3rd. in Best lifters award Emily got second place in 1990 age and shila got best lifter award in 1991 age group.

Blerta find out her passport is expired 3 days before the trip, Justin just pull out of the compettion in the day before, and Mariam didnt try any lift there, we could become champion in the 11th international Fulda cub if any of this lifters could just lift, but Stars for the future club took second place between 16 teams and 8 counties.


How we did it all




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