3rd Annual Stars For The Future Competition in Lampton : 09/12/2012

  • 3rd Annual Stars For The Future Competition in Lampton : 09/12/2012

left to right: Chris (MC), Ben (MC), Adam (MC , coach), Phil (Referee), Nam (Referee, coach),Noorin ( coach ), Jaspreet (Referee, coach) David (coach), Louis ( coach), Poi( coach), Joy (Referee, coach )
missing in this photo: Evelyn (coach ), Luke (coach ) Mark (coach ), Shila (Mc , Referee, coach) Kian for computer & Lara for the lovely photos

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Stars For The Future

Olympic Weightlifting Club

Stars for the future has just ran its fourth club competition. First one was held in St Marys university on June 2011, we had 33 lifters from 7 schools and Uni, the second competition was held in Barnhill high school on December 2011, there was 27 lifters from 8 schools & uni,we ran our third competition in Perivale athletics track on Apr 2012 with 34 lifters from 11 schools and university, this competition was to select the team to go to Fulda international competition and London youth game selection for 5 boroughs.

On the 9th December we had our third annual club competition held in Lampton high school to see how the club has developed over the last two years since the beginning. there were 36 lifters (8 missing lifters). These lifters were from 12 schools and universities.

In comparison to the previous competition we had 8 young coaches and 4 official referrers from our own club who helped run this competition smoothly. The way the competition was held was done in stages, just how it was intended in the beginning to develop West London academy, we proved that through this competition. first stage was held in the back room, where the lifters were re-taught the techniques, much like a revision lesson. second stage was held in the next room, to prepare the lifters to compete, the coaches made sure they were ready to lift the weights. the final stage was on the platform, where the lifters showed their performance to the audience. they showed a lot of confidence and proved that they have learnt how a weightlifting competition is held. The secret to this success was from the help of Barnhill, the generosity of Lampton for letting us use their hall and from St Marys for referring the competition.

Please see the result and photo link in below:

Thanks to our young coaches and referees from St Marys who helped run this competition smoothly