2013 British Student Championships

st marys 2013 British champion29 lifters from st Mary’s and stars for the future club competed in thevBritish students championships in Sheffield – they competed on 2 platforms in 6 groups.
With the help of the assistant coaches from Barnhill and st Mary’s, Kazem delivered one of the best team work to look afters all of his lifters in one day.
120 students across Britain gathered under one roof to witness the 3rd year of success st. Mary’s university as 2013 British champions (18 lifters) and be followed by stars for the future lifters With 9 young lifters.
St Mary’s managed to grab:

Gold: 4
Adam mattiussi – (77kg)- 122kg snatch + 150 c/j
Adam Fedorclow (94 category) 110kg snatch + 141kg c/j
Nick Lumley (105kg category) 120kg snatch + 145 kg c/j
Hayley Legg (63kg category) 46+56

Silver: 3
Stuart Diplock (85kg) – 100kg+125kg C/J
Alex Sehgal (58kg category ) 50+55 c/j
Daniel English (105+ category ) – 95kg snatch+ 110kg c/j

Bronze: 3
Alex Adams – (77kg category) 86+98
Murat Enver – (69kg category) 60+75
Adam spance (94kg) 95kg snatch +120 c/j

Samuel Ross – (77kg category ) – 9th – 75+95
Luke stevenson (105 kg category ) 5th – 87kg snatch + 113kg c/j
Rob Anderson (85kg) 7th – 90+115
Jaseph Werwick (85kg) 10th – 80+100
Kieran Parkin (94kg) 13th – 77+ 100

Stars for the future team:
Gold: 4
Shila Panjavi (58kg category) kingston Uni – 64kg snatch + 80kg clean/Jerk
Nam Ahmadi (62kg category) Barnhill – 75kg snatch + 96kg clean/Jerk
Louis Hampton (56kg category) Barnhill – – 79kg snatch + 87kg clean/Jerk
Myles Pucknell (56kg category novice ) Barnhill

Silver :2
Noorin Gulam (53kg category) – Barnhill – 48kg snatch + 65 kg clean/Jerk
Jaspreet paul (56 kg category ) – 55kg snatch + 80kg clean/Jerk

Bronze: 2
Flavian Buka (85kg category ) Hammersmith college – 100kg+ 120kg
Dalya Mlouk (69kg category ) Queens Mary uni – 48kg snatch + 65kg c/j

David Tomkins (77kg category ) (Richmond college) 6th
Shazz Nizami ( Westminster Uni ) 8th
Poi Fackcha (Feltham college) lost silver medal ( drop 70kg in clean jerk 3 times)

Total achievement by kazem’s lifters:
Gold: 8
Silver: 5
Bronze: 5

In end of result : Adam Mattiussi and shila Panjavi become the Third best lifters in British; students.

Our journey kicked off at 3am in the morning and finished it at half 1:30am . The team also contained 4 qualified assistant coaches, one head coach and 2 referees.

Kazem head Cach
Adam Spence
Luke stevenson
Adam Mattiussi
Nam (also a referee)
Jaspreet (also a referee)

Thanks to everyone you helped out in their weekend.
Ps: Kazem has been told by one of londons head Coach that its not possible to coach 29 lifters!! But we proved its possible.
Never say No to challenges.




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