Female only in Barnhill

The girls competition with 13 lifters out of 18 that attended. Thanks to carol lamb for letting us use Barnhill and thanks to Brian Hamill for refereeing and great thanks for Samantha Jamieson for helping for MCing and thanks to our 6 young level 1 coaches.

The results

The result for the u13s in that competition was Megan Lort in the 58kg category lifted 17+25.

The results for the under 15s in that competition was in first place was Shonagh Woodburn-hall (cranford high) with 46+58 with a Sinclair of 168.9.
In second place was Carla Pestana (Brentford for girls) with 38+48 and a Sinclair of 107.3
In third place was Sorcha Gavin (Whitmore high) with 31+39 and a Sinclair of 106.18
In fourth place was jasmine ferguson (Barnhill) with 40+51 and a Sinclair of 105.5
In fifth place was rosie Hogg (Feltham community college) with 28+42 and a Sinclair of 82.6
In sixth place was Rozha Baban (Whitmore high) with 20+24 and a Sinclair of 67.97
In seventh place was phoebe Makela (cranford high) with 20+28 and a Sinclair of 66.6

The results for the u17s was:
In first place was Noorin Gulam (Barnhill) with 50+63 and a Sinclair of 169.6
Poi Fakcha (Feltham community college) lifted 58 snatch but no clean and jerk

The results for the seniors was:
In first place was shila Panjavi with 58+81 and a Sinclair of 195.6
In second place was Dalya malouk with 45+58 and a Sinclair of 126.7
In third place was Nasrin karimi with 33+43 and a Sinclair of 101.1

20-03-2013 Girls only competition

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