Woking-London Regional on 19th April 2014

We had another great result and fun in Woking Leisure Center in the london regional competition with 10 lifters and 4 level two coaches and referees (out of 30 competitors).
A big thanks to Jackie Potter for all her help and support. She is not only the parent of one of our best technical lifters, also she is the welfare officer and looks after our under 18 lifters as well. She is always ready to give advice to every one and helping the club committees for every thing without getting paid.
She is working full time and at the same time she looks after her 3 kids. We should add that Tia, her daughter is the first member of club who paid the full yearly membership in advance without been told or needing to remind her every month. I hope to have more parents like Jackie to help our club which is going to help us to have a better result for every one in the future. If you can see us making a change to your kids, please try help us to make a change to our club in return. Thanks
tia 41kg                                                                   HDV_0304-Tia video
Se Gavin has been selected as Weightlifter of the Month for his outstanding performance in the London Series 1 and 2 and British Schools as he has broken 9 British records. His personal bests/British records are 80 kilograms in the Snatch and 103 kilograms in the Clean and Jerk
The records he has lifted which broke British records in the Snatch are : 77, 78, 79, 80 and in the Clean and Jerk : 97, 98, 100, 103 and broke the 9th record in the total since March 2014.
 Another fantastic day in London Regional competition at Woking Leisure center on 19th Apr
  • Se Gavin from whitmore Hig-Harrow broke another BRITISH record for u15 in snatch 80kg. He missed 104kg in jerk which could be the clean & Jerk and Total.
  • Gurdeep Paul from Barnhill high school had 3 BP , 82 kg snatch, 96kg clean & jerk and total 178kg. He took third place in Sinclair point like the crystal palace competition in last month.
  • Dean Bakasa from Heathland high school in Hounslow couldn’t lose weight to move to 62 but he get second place in Sinclair point by 80kg + 98kg.its his best performance since 2013. His grand mum passes away few days ago and he did a great fight to put himself together and join his team.
  • Kian Panjavi from Brentside Ealing didn’t do well as he were busying with his GCSE , he did 80 + 90 and missed 86kg snatch & 97 clean.
  • Flavian Suka from Hammersmith had 3 personal best since the Crystal palace last month in 77kg. He become third in all category and came back home with Bronze.
  • Vahid was out as he dropped 115kg in 94kg.
  • Max’s and Zoe first competition went very well after fighting with the stress.
  • Max Partridge from Hammersmith did 75 ( missed 82) clean & jerk 100kg.
  • Zoe Underwood from Ealing did fantastic 50 snatch and 50 clean & Jerk! Which good for her first competition.
  • Rosie Hogg from Feltham high Hounslow had a PB BY 40+55kg. She is 14.
  • And in the End out little Tia Gayle from Ealing which she just turned 11 last week, showed her high skill lifting by 31kg +41kg with 3 PB. Her technical point were most 4 which is the maximum point.

Shila Panjavi & kian Panjavi helping with the score sheet and computer while Nam Ahmadi & Noorin Gulam helping Kazem  to coach 10 lifters.
Shila, Nam also had a chance to be the referee for 2 groups.
Happy day & happy lifters and brilliant team work.
Thanks to Jackie Potter our child protection officer to drive our lifters and Mark for coaching.

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