The British Student Championship 2014

team University 2014Well done to Middlesex university and Dan Wagner doing things right. The Results: 2 Golds, one Silver  Full result Facebook photos
  • Noorin had a bad day and lost gold by lifting 55kg snatch only and missing the rest of her lifts. Some times things also happen to world champions.
  • Shila had a PB by a 65 snatch and 86kg C&J. She is back with Gold medal but stronger.
  • Nice battles between two close friends, Nam & Louis in one category higher. Nam had PB in snatch by 95kg and lifted 116kg clean and jerk just missed 125kg in second and third lift he received silver. Louis’s performance was good as usual with 6 good lifts and 9kg PB. His 105kg in snatch was easier then his 90kg. Very tough time to get ready for clean & jerk in only 10 mins different between last snatch and first clean & jerk. He did 115+120 & 123kg so easy. If he can lift the same at the British senior in 62kg, he can qualify for European junior.
  • Stuart lifted for st Mary’s and did 115 snatch and 13gkg , he missed 144kg. he took SIlver medal.
Adam helping for coaching of Nam & Louis and Shila and Nam helping for coaching Noorin. Nam & Noorin were coaching Shila in 63kg category. Adam, Shila, Noorin, Louise, Nam  were helping BWL for refereeing and loading.




adam refree