2014 British under 18 champion again



British champion again follow up 2012 (9 lifters) & 2013 (9 lifters) but this time with 10 lifters (6 new lifters compare to the last year) :          4 golds, 4 silvers and 2 bronze.

group 1 boys. Louis and kian both from Ealing in 69kg and Dean im 62kg. Start at 11

Dean from Heathland-Hounslow in 62kg Gold and British u18 champion ( nearly out of competition) did 73+95. Ended up with wrong medal!
Louis in 69kg ( 64.500kg) did 101+120 and another British champion title. Kian from Barnhill high  in 69kg get silver after Louis by 90+110.
In group 1 SFTF got 2 golds and one silver

Group 2 girls: Sorcha Gavin from whitmore-Harrow, surprisely did well as she trained only once a week. 51kg power snatch drop 55kg just about, clean 70kg but drop the jerk, she may have missed the total for qualifying the Commonwealth youth games, but she got the British gold medal very strongly.
She is now qualifying for English and we hope she gets the Commonwealth Youth & European youth qualification, if she trains more than twice a week.

No lifters in group 3.

Group 4 Girls. Lucky to have Noorin as our female coach and Louis to look after the board.
We had 5 girls. Sophiya from Lampton- Hounslow by 58.6kg moved to the 63kg did well by 40+58 any missed 45+60. She took bronze medal in 63kg group
Shonagh from Heston in 63kg after missing few sessions just right before competition, didn’t have any PBs but cleaned 75kg and missed the jerk. she is the new British under 18 champion with 15 years old only. she lifted 56+67.

Deborah from Twyford high -Ealing registered at 75, but she was 69 sharp and unfortunately we had to move her up to 75 which changed her gold to Silver. She did 42 and 56 but just missed 47+60 (she is very new in this sport and we will hear more from her in 2015)

Alysia and Rosie both from Hounslow had another battle and this time Alysia won by 53+60 to receive silver after Mercy Brown the best female lifter. Rosie did well by 47kg snatch with her new split snatch style but lost a chance by dropping 62 & 63kg in the end.
She took bronze as same as Sophiya

Se Gavin in 94kg group 5. Did 85+115 and missed 92 & 120 but still saved his silver medal at the 2014 British under 18 with 15 years old only.
We finished at 7pm and arrived at London just before midnight!  That was the longest competition ever with 42 lifters only.

Best Male lifter:

  1. Fridi ibrahimi 317 point – Best lifter
  2. Louis Hampton-jones 309.9 – Second place
  3. Samuel Henderson 297 –  Third place
  4. Jordan Sakkas  283 point – 4th
  5. Christopher Russ  571.9- 5th
  6. Kian Panjavi 271.56 – 6th
Best Female lifter:
  1. Mercy Brown with 235 -Best lifer
  2. Amber Sheppard with 201.32 – second
  3. Catrin Jones with 200.2- Third
  4. Sorcha Gavin with 171.96- 4th
  5. Biatrice Gabell with 170.2 – 5th
  6. Shonagh Woodburn Hall with 166.6 -6th

Full result

2 min clips in youtube     

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2012/2013 British under 18 championP1130767

At Lilleshall national sport centre after 3 hours driving a rented minibus (paid by me) Stars for the Future club competing in British u18 championship with 9 lifters 3 coaches (Me, Shila, Louis) and 2 lovely helpers (Jaspreet and Nikki) from 9am till 5:30pm and we had our biggest achievement for our club since 2011.
In 53kg Noorin got Gold with 3 personal best(PB), Sorcha silver with 3 PB, Poi in 58kg Gold, Shonagh in 63kg Gold with 2 PB, Alysia in 75 silver with 1 PB, in 85kg Flavian got Gold and in 62kg Gurdeep with unlucky 82kg jerk missed Bronze , Kian Bronze with 3PB and Nam Ahmadi got gold with new record for British u18 in 118kg clean & Jerk. With the big result of 5 Golds, 2 Silvers, 1 Bronze and 4th place, we get the a little team Thropy to be a British champion 2013( left over from senior championship) and not even get any travel cost from London association. Now I know why people giving up sport in this country. After the club competition in 15 December, Kazem is going to pass his clubs to the 5 new level 2 coaches and retire of coaching.

2012 British U18 Championships in Bristol

With the help of Barnhill Community High we drove 9 qualified lifters by Barnhills minibus to Bristol.bristol

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