English Championships 2015


English championship 2015
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English championship 2015

After 5 hours of driving we made it last night (13/2/15) with 10 lifters. Group 1 started with Noorin Gulam and she lifted 66kg (missed 68kg in snatch) and 84kg in clean & Jerk and after missing 88kg which could have become a  British u23 record. She became English champion 2015. Joanna from Crystal Palace took silver (63+82) and Laura from Bath received bronze medal (63+80).
Thanks to Stu for all his help and Support for Noorin

English championship 2015 – Group 2 we had two 69kg boys. Kian Panjavi did 98kg (missed 100kg) and Louis Hampton did 110kg with 5kg PB and in clean & jerk Kian did 115kg and missed 122kg in jerk and he took 5th place. Kian did hit 213kg total which is 2 kg more than the Commonwealth youth games & European youth qualification.
Louis did 125kg and by missing 130kg jerk after very hard clean just lost silver medal but was holding Bronze medal on his neck plus 5 kg personal best. Well done boys.

English championship 2015 – group 3. In 58kg girls group, 14 girls were competing.
Naz did 47kg + 57kg in C&J and Sophya did strong 46kg and 57kg and got dizzy at 60kg.
Both did well in senior level with age of 16 & 20 years old.

English championship group 5. 63kg with 14 girls.
Rosie had a very good day with 5 kg PB and 7th place by 58kg snatch and 70 kg C/J.
Melissa did start well by 48kg snatch but referees didn’t like her arm and she bombed out on 63kg.

2015 English championship day two. 69kg girls.
Deborah showed off her fast improvement and also proved how easy you can lose your Bronze medal.
54kg snatch (missed 56kg in last second) 65kg C&J and lost 72kg jerk to turn her bronze to 4th place.

Adam Fedorciow took Silver at English 2015 this weekend.
Very strong performance. 126kg snatch (6kg PB) and 157kg C&J. Adam missed 165kg in jerk.
300kg in his next competition for sure

Result 2015

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Much more to say in 2015

Thanks to Naz for making this nice video clip.



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