British Schools & Development Cup 2015


British school team photo

12 lifters qualified at west London school competition.
11 people paid and registered to compete, one just didn’t turn up (missed Silver) one didn’t train and we didn’t let her to join and one with family problem.
And the results?
3 Golds:
a) Tia Gayle from Queensmead in year 7 with 45kg snatch and 53kg C&J with new PB.
b) Sophyia Rana from Lampton  in year 11 with 43+55
c) Se Gavin from Whitmore easy win with 5 British records u16 and strongest boy at the 2015 British championship with 100+115

One Silver :
d) Simran Brar from Whitmore in year 9 with new PB 55+67kg

3 Bronze: 
e) Yousif Vasquez from Cardinal wisman year 8 with 18+25
f) Imani Goodison from Green school year 9 with 23+29 and new PB.
g) JAYANI SAMARAKOON from Barnhill year 9 with 23+30 and new PB
h) Hope Saunders from Gumley in year 8 with new PB 4th place 33+41kg 

Thanks to Allister for giving up his weekend and support as usual.

Head coach said:  This was a very good result from  team, but personally I wont send the team to the 2016 British championship again and it will be the last result for SFTF to compete at the British school championship.
There is no more point in the future to do all this headache and see so many mistakes with a lot of confusing times for coaches and parents. We had to stay up to 8pm to watch lifters who were not even close to the qualifying record ( and coach by GB coaches) to compete at the BRITISH and who haven’t been selected through the regional competitions. 

 Full result for British school 2015  

Full result for British Development cup 2015 



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