Womens Competition at Crossfit Ivy


Women  competition at Crossfit IVY

29/03/2015 in Crossfit Ivy.

22 lifters from 12 schools, unis, clubs and crossfit clubs across London were having a good time in two groups; novice lifters and experienced groups. Starting off with Seesy with an amazing 14kg clean and jerk at 6 years old with a 24kg body weight and finishing off with Noorin in the 53 category from the Olympic Development Squad who lifted an impressive 67kg snatch and unsuccessful attempt of 88kg 3 times which is a junior national record. Thanks to the big team work from our referees who were, Brian Hamil, Denise Ramsey, Jaspreet Paul, Mike Edwards and Nasrin Karimi. The MC, competition recorder and competition technical was Steve Cannon and Kian Panjavi. The coaches were Stuart Diplock, Stu Martin, Adam Chung, Sophiya Rana and Rubi Dhanda. Thanks for Se Gavin, Sorcha Gavin, Mike Edwards and Hope Saunders for loading in the competition. Also big thanks to the competition manager and Head Coach, Kazem Panjavi. In this competition we managed to gather inexperienced lifters from our Sportivate Girls Project in West London after dealing with 240 girls and bringing 11 of them to learn the rules and use the skills they have learnt and attract them to the performance side of weightlifting. Both groups became more confident in the way girls want to be seen. Thanks to Matthew Healy for letting us use this great venue to run our competition. Please see the link for the

Best lifter under 13:   Hope Saunders
Best lifter under 17:  Sophyia Rana
Best lifter under 20:  Deberoa Alawode
Best lifter Senior:      Abigail Felsenstein
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29th March 2015 – Weigh-in :  12pm and start at 1:30pm.

entry fee:

youth :£7

Junior :£10

Senior: £15

Deadline for enter is: 21/03/2015

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Address:  CrossFit Ivy ,  St Lawrence Business Centre, Victoria Road, Feltham TW13 7LT


 Starting list in two groups: update list

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