British Youth Championships 2015 – May 2nd

3 golden champions from Stars For The Future and 2 new youth GB team athletes to compete at the European youth (Sweden 5th Aug 2015 & Commonwealth youth games on 8th Sep 2015 at Samoa)

We started off our journey to Glasgow, Scotland the day before the competition which took 10 tiring hours for the head coach Kazem Panjavi to drive the lifters there.

  1. Kian did 98kg snatch and 122kg clean & Jerk which is a personal best and he achieved 9kg more to qualify for European youth and Commonwealth Youth Games. He never failed his coach and his father.
  2. Alysia Ekpiken became British youth champion. She missed 67kg in snatch which could have been a British youth record for 69+. She had a PB of 73kg clean jerk. Great job Alysia
  3. Third gold medal for Stars for the Future went to Rosie Hardie with 65kg snatch and 77kg Clean & Jerk and also she qualified for European youth and Commonwealth Youth Games along with Kian.

And last but not least, Kian Panjavi & Rebekah Tyler have both become the best 2015 youth lifters.
Thanks for Steve Cannon our club President for accompanying us and also thanks to British Weight Lifting for running the national championships smoothly with no issues.

Full result

Youtube clip 

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