London Youth Games 2015

SFTF 2015 LYG team

Here we are again with Stars for the Future coming to the London Youth Games 2015 with 4Gazette report.LYG, Senior, France boroughs and a much better result than last. Hillingdon and Ealing shared first place like
2013 but with different lifters.


Kian Panjavi from Ealing came out with 103kg snatch which was the heaviest successful snatch and 120kg clean and jerk which is a personal best in snatch and total and became the best lifter of the competition as same as in the British Youth Championships. He took the gold medal in the boy’s category.P1220185

Deborah Alawode also from Ealing came with a 7kg personal best with 62kg in the snatch and 77kg in the clean and jerk. She lifted 13kg more than she did last Saturday in the competition in France which is a great result in a week’s time. She took a bronze medal in the girl’s category.

We had a reserve for Ealing with Yousef and Beatrice but they watched and helped out in the competition while sharing the Gold medal glory with the Ealing team.


Sorcha Gavin from Hillingdon was able to take second place in the girls group with a great performance with training only twice a month. She lifted almost lifted her body weight snatch and 52kg and clean and jerked 64kg.P1220183

Her younger brother Se Gavin also from Hillingdon did 100kg in the Snatch and in the clean and jerk had a strong performance and had the last lift of the whole competition with 135kg which made him the strongest lifter and unofficially broke the under 16 British Record as London Youth Games competition does not get registered with BWL.

Jayani Samarakoon (14 years old) as a reserve had a personal best with 25kg in the Snatch and 35kg in the clean and jerk.


The female lifter for Harrow didn’t turn up so Simran Brar had to compete without a
P1220188partner and took 8th place out of all the boys with his personal best of 57kg in the Snatch and 75kg in the clean and jerk. He has just turned 14 years old.


Matt Fan our new lifter with only 4 sessions of training achieved his personal bests of 60kg Snatch and 75kg clean and jerk and took 10th place out of all the boys. Unluckily he lost 4th place for the Hounslow team as his partner Alysia Ekpiken bombed out on 70kg clean and jerk.

Alysia could have taken 6th place out of all of the girls if she added 70kg clean and jerk to her 60kg Snatch.P1220187

Zoe Fletcher, (14 years old)  the reserve lifter for Hounslow showed her great potential as a future representative for Hounslow in the London Youth Games 2016 with a very nice technique. She lifted 30kg snatch and 35kg clean.

Zoe and Matt both from Hounslow out of the 9 people from Stars for the Future that competed had 6/6 successful lifts.

Stars for the Future showed their great sportsmanship and great teamwork by receiving help from our club chairman, Alistair Arendse by coaching Hounslow and Adam Fedorciow coaching Harrow using his unique skills from rehabilitation and helping out lifters that had small injuries in the warm up. Noorin Gulam also came all the way from Loughborough to help out and did an amazing job with coaching and showing support to her team which she helped make Hillingdon the Youth Games champion again. Jaspreet Paul also travelled from Brighton to support the team.

Steve Cannon, our club president helped do the MC for the 4 groups of the competition and was part of the technical officials with Keith Morgan team. LSE and Crystal palace they did a great job in to run this competition very smoothly and having fantastic organisational skills.

Our head coach, Kazem Panjavi who was the team manager for all four boroughs who dealt with all of the organisations of the teams such as arranging transport, paper work since last month to get everyone registered trough the development officers of all these boroughs,  was very happy with the performance of all of his lifters as he could bring the London Youth Games trophy to the club for the 7th time running since 2001. There is how the LYG trophy was travelling round London since 2000:


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LYG Weightlifting result from 2000 to 2015

Year Borough
2001 Ealing
2002 Hounslow
2003 Enfield & Hounslow
2004 Enfield & Hounslow
2005 Enfield
2006 Bexley
2007 Bexley
2008 Bexley
2009 Bexley
2010 Bexley * Hackney
2011 Hackney first – Hillingdon Bronze   result
2012 Hackney  Gold/ Hounslow & Bexley Silver    Result
2013 Hillingdon & Ealing       Result
2014 Hillingdon  Gold and  Hounslow Silver  Result
2015 Ealing & Hillingdon Gold   Result


Kazem stopped coaching for public from 2005  to 2010P1220181