British Senior Championships 2015

senior champions

complete set of medal L Gold( Shila). Silver (Noorin), Bronze ( Louis)  at Coventry – British senior championship.

Shila Panjavi – Gold medal
New British Champion 2015, from the Panjavi family again. Shila with a new PB, 67+89 and missed 92 clean and jerk she become second on 2013 & 2014 but tis time she completed her golds from U13 up to the Senior level.

Noorin Gulam – Silver medal

Joe got revenge against Noorin, she did 65 and unluckily dropped 69, managed to do 80 clean and jerk with an injured knee.
Noorin took gold medal at last year senior a d this year English championship
Louis Hampton – Bronze medal
Great performance from Louis and received a bronze medal with 67kg body weight.

110kg snatch and missed 112 kg. He then had a clean and jerk PB of 135kg, which led him to qualify for the European Juniors!
Thanks to Stu Martin to help Shila  & Noorin and coaching  them with fantastic job.


1:01:15 Louis Hampton 110kg Snatch

2:06:29 Louis Hampton 135kg Clean and Jerk

2:59:50 Shila Panjavi 64kg Snatch

3:05:37 Shila Panjavi 67kg Snatch

3:10:48 Shila Panjavi 70kg Snatch

3:45:35 Shila Panjavi 87kg Clean and Jerk

3:51:25 Shila Panjavi 89kg Clean and Jerk

3:54:43 Shila Panjavi 92kg Clean and Jerk