British Junior and U23 Championships

British Junior and U23 Championships 2015 Aug 15th

Two golds, one silver and one Bronze

British u23 at Crystal palace

British junior and u23 championship at Crystal palace t with 70 lifters.

Out of 7 registered lifters, only 4 made it to the platform.

  1. Noorin  GulamGold (53kg junior) lifted 65 + 82 and missed the European junior qualifying total by dropping 68 and 87kg but she still got an easy first place.
  2. Louis Hampton – Bronze (69kg junior) was the same. He got a PB snatch of 111kg and lifted 130kg c/j, awarding him the gold medal, but he missed 140kg twice, causing him to lose his ticket to go to European juniors.
  3. Deborah Alawode- Gold (75kg Junior),  We moved  her to one category higher after a 3 weeks long holiday without training, but she came in with  68.2kg body weight. Despite the lack of training, she got an easy gold by lifting an easy 60kg and 65kg in C/J, and missing 75 kg jerk.
  4. Se gave – Silver (105kg category) had a great fight in the with Joshua, but unfortunately the gold medal slipped through his fingers by only 1 kg.
    Se broke the BRITISH national record for u16 seven times. He lifted 102+110 and dropped 112kg in the snatch, which is 10kg more than his best at London Youth Games, and in the clean and jerk he lifted 130+136+141 with another 6 kg PB in c/j and 16kg PB total.
  5. Kian Panjavi was sick just before the competition started so was withdrawn.
  6. Sorcha Gavin was ill and couldn’t make it .
  7. Alysia didn’t turn up.                                                                                                        Consequently we lost the British junior title for 2015.  Let’s hope next year we have enough fighters in our team to claim the title again.                                                                       PHOTOS  
  8. Debbie 70kgNoorin 87kgSE  142KGLouis 140kg