London and South East last chance 2016

Crystal Palace London SE last chance with 4 of our lifters. The aim for the day was only one thing: experience, experience, experience.
It didn’t me how much they lifted, just to enjoy and perform well and professionally, and yes they did it nicely.

Max in the first group for his first ever competition did well even without me as I didn’t manage to reach him on time (for the first time in my life). He did 110kg Snatch and 131kg Clean and Jerk and missed 140kg over his head.
Why the stronger lifters lift first? I don’t know!

Beth did well in the 4th group. She weighed in at 61.4 and did 54kg Snatch and 67kg Clean and Jerk which is her best total so far since she has started lifting. She missed 71kg which could have lead her to medal.

In the last group we had 2 lifters. Kaline in the 48kg group and as the same as Beth did her best total. 32kg Snatch and 44kg Clean and Jerk and missed 34kg in the Snatch only.
Kerensky in the 58kg category at the age of 17, missed 41kg and 50kg but she learnt from her mistake and will prove it in the British.
Lucy also did a very good job. Gold medal with a new PB in the clean & jerk with 73kg in the 53kg category. She celebrated her success with a nice dance after her last successful lift.
Thank you to Evelin and Kim for coming all the way down to other side london to support the team. Wellllllllll done everybody.