west London U18 and Club Competition 2017

u18 harrow photo

A classic example of Amateur Olympic weightlifting local competition at its best a small gym in an Intense but friendly environment perfect for people to execute personal bests or for beginners to understand what competing in weightlifting is all about and as a added bonus a makeshift tunnel for lifters to walk through this unintentionally replicated what international competitions are like when walking from the warm-up area to the competition platform.

The competition was broken up into 3 groups of
group 1 under 18 male
group 2 and female under 13, under 18’s under 23, seniors and masters lifters (35+)
group 3 male under 23 and seniors

Starting with group 1 (male under 18)
Interesting challenge between Matt from Ealing and Milo from Harrow school, same age, same body weight and same experience, but Milo won due to his strong Clean & Jerk by 1 kg over. All made totals and good demonstrating with fantastic technique and hard working ethic to attaining personal bests and medals.

Group 2- The under 13 girls started lifting first due to lifting lighter weights starting from as young as 5 years and 8 years old sisters demonstrating amazing bravery standing on the platform lifting in front of so many people at such a young age maintaining and demonstrating excellent technique under pressure all performed brilliantly all gaining totals and medals
followed by the under 18’s again demonstrating raw power and fantastic technique achieving personal bests and medals.
lastly, by the senior’s with medals up for grabs, there was some hard fought evenly matched lifting you could see this was just not about who was physically the strongest or technically the best but who was psychologically the most determined to win.

The last group to follow was the senior men group 3 again some tight battles and hard fought lifts nobody was sure how much anyone could lift with each lifter just going for it not worrying too much what was on the bar a tense but competitive atmosphere with personal bests being broken.
We had 20 lifters which two of them from Barmouth uni and under 13 female lifter form Woking.
Thanks to Harrow school as usual to supper us and use their fantastic weightlifting gym, Nam Ahmadi, Kristin Mcphee and Max Change to give their weekend and helped for refree and MC.
Awards was a nice medal with 2012 olympic robin to remind us about the legacy of london olympic.