2017 British Student Championships

British University and College Championship 2017

 1st-2nd April 2017

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The British University and college championship 2017 kicked off as early as 7am for Debbie, Kerensky, Kian & Nam for the weigh in. Over 100 lifters, coaches and spectators from 30+ universities and colleges were attending the weekend event. The event is the biggest weightlifting meeting involving students in Britain. Lifters have the opportunity to represent their college or university on a national stage but can also choose to represent their respective club only.
1. Kerensky Fernandes, 18, led the team by starting her second national championship with a 55kg snatch and a 60kg clean and jerk finishing fourth overall in the 58kg division. Her combined total of 115kg saw a massive improvement since the last British U23 championship where she lifted 89kg total. “I am going to use this momentum on performance to run into a podium spot within the next years of my course” she said. kerenskey 55

2. In his first national competition since suffering from a back injury in 2016, Brunel’s student Kian Panjavi (77kg) signed his return on the national stage with an outstanding performance. He totalled 260kg improving by 15kg overall claiming the silver medal. “I spent last year working around my injury. Since I enrolled at Brunel University I liaise with new team and brought a fresh, well needed scrutiny to my training” said Kian.kian presntation

3. Debbie Alawode competed in the women’s 75kg division where she won the silver medal. The medicine student from UCL has moved up to the 75kg category with 69.6kg for this event breaking a personal best with a 68kg snatch and 86kg clean and jerk. With a lift missed at 93kg for the clean and jerk, she just missed the gold medal. “I was aiming for a 70kg snatch but lifting the way I did is very encouraging” she said.debbie 93

4. Max Bedouet competed in the 105+ kg category for his first national appearance since he started weightlifting a year and half ago. Lifting with an injury in his wrist, he finished second totalling 253kg. “It has been a hard yet good experience to lift in a national setup with a larger audience and more competitors than at local meets”max 142

Nam Ahmadi was awarded the gold medal in the 69kg category as a result of 108kg in the snatch and 135kg in the clean and jerk. He is lifting for Bournemouth University for this competition and he is following his own training program.

Overall, lifters from Stars from the future gained a lot of experience which will be beneficial on the long term for the club. The competition ended with a slight disappointment as the warm up area was very busy due to two categories simultaneously lifting and the lack of coach assistants that were allowed in with the head coach – it might be helpful to leave British Weightlifting Level 1 holders inside the warm up area to facilitate under supervisor of level 2/3 coach to help the coaching process of all athletes.kikan back stage
Also, there still is a question mark on the benefits of charging spectators during British Weightlifting events. We need to encourage people to come and support this sport However, this did not refrain Lisa, Vindhya, Mariana, Eytan, Kim and Lucy from coming to support the lifters.
Stars for the Future would like to say a massive thank you to all that participated that day. Kazem Panajvi, the head coach will certainly be returning to this event with great enthusiasm.team photo 2



58kg presentation debbie 86 debbie silver first day lifiter girls presentation kian 142 kian silver max 121 max silver
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