2017 Women’s Open Weightlifting Competition


 Harrow School Sports Centre

                                            Harrow HA13GF


SUNDAY, 3rd September 2017

Weigh-in 11:00 Start 13:00

Every year we run a female only competition for girls who are not comfortable to lift with males/big groups or want to start competing for the first time and need to gain confidence and also for our experienced girls to show off their strength and get tested in different ways of the other big competitions.

Last year we had lovely guests from Newcastle Cube Academy at Perivale Park Athletics Track. We had an outdoor warmup but the competition platform was inside our new gym. It was too hot and some kids nearly got dehydrated. This year we tried to have a little change to make this happen, but a few issues stopped us to run it at the same place and we had to move it to Harrow School Sports Centre with their warm hospitality.


On Sunday the 3rd of September, Stars for the Future held their annual women’s only competition at Harrow School Sports Centre.

The team arrived prior to weigh in to set up the venue and with great team work and fast movement to complete set up; the competition was able to kick off earlier.

The competition consisted of 2 groups with various lifters from kids to masters. Our first lifters to take the stage were the Dhanda sisters, both putting in a solid performance. It was great to see Liv Dhanda (U13, -30kg) becoming more confident on the platform hitting 6/6 lifts finishing on a 7kg snatch and 11kg clean and jerk. Sessy Dhanda (U13, -35kg) was to follow, putting in a very strong performance also hitting all 6 lifts and finishing on a 23kg snatch and 30kg clean and jerk, very close to her body weight. Both performances were very inspiring and we are very excited to see their progress in the future.

The club had great pleasure to welcome Clarissa Mullem (U13, -63kg) to the competition achieving a 37kg snatch and 50kg clean and jerk. It was good to see her progression from when she last joined us at our club competition in March.

Nasrin Karimi (Master, -63kg) and Nicky Yudin (Master, – 90kg) both performed well showing all their hard work at the club is paying off.

Group 2 consisted of Francesca Harrison (Youth, -75kg) achieving a 43kg snatch and 58kg PB clean and jerk, Kerensky Fernandes (Youth, 58kg) hitting a 50kg snatch and 60kg clean and jerk, Louise Blair (Senior, -69kg) snatching 40kg and a PB clean and jerk of 60kg, Evelina Dauksaite (Senior, -58kg) lifted a PB snatch of 49kg and clean and jerked 58kg and Vindhya Gobin (Senior, -63kg) finished on a 45kg snatch and 55kg clean and jerk. Despite, some of the ladies competing the previous week in Oxford, a good fight was put up to match and lift heavier than what they achieved in Oxford.

The competition was very successful and was a great opportunity for the lifters to build their confidence and showcase their strengths.  Well done to everyone who took part and for all the PB’s achieved. Thank you to Harrow School Sports Centre for allowing us to host the competition at their venue.

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