Memorial Edmond Decottignies Lille, France on 24th June 2017




22nd memorial Edmond Decottignes – Comines, France.
En route to France with 8 members from Stars for the Future. The team left on a sunny Friday afternoon. This competition has become a yearly pilgrimage for the club as the venue offers plenty of space and quality opponents for each category. Having arrived on Friday evening, the team was based at the Campanile Wasquehal, a short drive away from the venue. The hotel offered cosy rooms overlooking the French countryside.
Early start for Eytan Benson and Matthew Fann – both in the -62 kg category – as they had to reach the venue by 7am. Still, they managed 68/92 and 75/90 respectively.


The previous British champion in the 56 kg category did not perform as he expected but like his coach, believes he has more potential.
“It was my first meet this year and going back to a competitive setup surprised me. I am going to train harder in order to perform at a higher standard in Oxford on the 21st of August” Eytan said. Matt also had a PB in his total.
Kerensky Fernandes and Deborah Alawode were leading the women’s group as a 58 kg and 69 kg lifter respectively. Kerensky finished seventh overall with 57 kg in the snatch event and 70 kg clean and jerk – this is a new personal best. Deborah finished fifth with a combined total of 153 kg.
Alawode will be competing in the British championship held at the end of July as a guest.
“It was my first competition since the English championships in January and my results are really encouraging” she said.
Kerensky Fernandes is expected to perform at the London youth games 2017 at the beginning of July.
Adam Fedorciow (-105 kg) was awarded the silver medal, Kian Panjavi (-77kg) the tenth place overall and Max Bedouet (+105 kg) with fifteenth place overall. While Adam lifted 143 kg in the snatch and 178 kg in the clean and jerk, Kian did 110 kg in the snatch and 135 kg in the clean and Jerk and Max finished with a total of 274 kg with big PB. It was his best performance so far since he joined this club.
“I am preparing the British Championship where I will be defending my title. I know I need to increase the pace till this date” said Adam.



The team finished 3rd overall between 14 teams and would like to thank Nicky Yudin for supporting all the athletes. Stars for the Future certainly will be back next year with a greater appetite for medals.

The coach Kazem Panjavi and Team manager Tim Yudin said “We are buzzing with that performance”.