West London Academy Weightlifting Club Competition in St Marys University


After 4 years, I started coaching officially 6 months ago . When i saw the weightlifting training session in st Marys university moved into the tennis court and saw how nice it was in the new venue, I asked Phil to help our club to run its first round of competitions for West London Academy Weightlifting club  in St Mary’s university and everyone who has been coached by me, would come under one roof and see the progress that has been made over the past six months.


I had 64 lifters listed  in starting list from St Mary’s university, Barnhil Community High schooll, Longford high school, Brenside high school, Cardinal Wiseman high school, Feltham high school, Hounslow Monor high school, and 3 people out side the schools and university, who follow my programme, but only 32 lifters turned up to the competition.


Result:   (medal to best lifters in each group)

Under 13 (one female and five male lifters):

                      Shonagh Woodburn firt place (she could replace Zoe Smith,if she stays in the sport)

                     First-    Kian Panjavi -body weight 42kg -total 75kg (172 point)

    Second- Mirwis Nasseri- body weight  35kg – total 52 ( 149 point)

George Rowan  -body weight 36kg -total (point 110) {trained 4 session only}

Under 17 boy 11 lifters:

                 First- Sabin Sunwar-body weight 52kg- total 115kg (point 189)

                 second- Otega Ajuchi- body weight 75kg- 147total kg (point 187.1)

                 Third- Kai Jones -body weight 101 kg-total 160 kg-(point 177) 14 years old only

under 17 girls 4 lifter: 

                  First-Noorin Gulam-body weight 52kg-75 total kg-(107.1 point)-British u17 champion

                  Second- Joy Kisuka-body weight 53kg-  53 total  kg-(point 81.5)British u17 silver

          Third-Louise Nolan -body weight 64kg-58 total kg (point 71.4 )

Senior girls 2 lifters:

                  First-Shila Panjavi-body weight 58kg-total 115kg (point 173) British u20 champion

  Second-lisa Filippina price-body weight 69kg-total 87kg (point 116.4)


Senior Man 9 lifters: 

                   First- Adam Mattiussi-body weight 68kg- total 200kg (point 270.2)

                   Second – kevin young -body weight 75kg-total 206kg (point 262.2)

                   Third- Gerard lee- body weight 67kg-189 total kg (point 257.8 )

Best technical point  :   Shonagh Woodburn -11 years old only 4 session training.

Thanks to the hard work put in from : Phil Price, Carol Lamb, Adam chung, kaveh Panjavi, Lukas Barzyk and Diana Holden.