London Youth Games 2011

2011 LYG- Hillingdon Bronze, & Ealing 4th place


5 months take to make a team for Hillingdon, 4 months for Ealing, 3 months for Hounslow.

Hillingdon 262152_140674666012405_404622_n

Barnhill with full support of Miss Lamb get third  place in teams between 20 boroughs and Bronze medal for Noorin (new record for Nooren 38+45). Otega missed a few sessions so has been replaced by Nam Ahamadi and he did very well 50+65 (7th place).


Ealing 281713_140674636012408_881991_n

By going to cardinal Wiseman and Brentside in 10 sessions, best result ever in such a short time. Sabin 52kg body weight snatched 2 kg more than his body weight and clean and jerk 65, if he could do 67, team would move to third place and beat Hillingdon. Joy changed her snatch to split and she made new personal best with a good fight. Also if she could hold 32kg , Ealing team would get bronze.

Hounslow: 261718_140674616012410_246234_n

By using reserve team only took 7th place. James decided to miss all sessions and go to France and Dannail broke her leg 2 weeks ago, so Poi  took her place and surprisingly lifted more then her with a lighter body weight she got 5th place with nice performance. Dave the warrior fight well and made 2 new personal bests.