11th International Women´s Weightlifting Grand Prix Women- May 2014- Germany/ Speyer

2013 result and report



This tournament is usually run at Austria and we are a regular team attending this competition. This year Kaz decide it to take one u13, one u17 ( sorcha, who didn’t come because of exams) one under 20 , one u23 and one in the Master group, to show the strength of our club in all categories and how we are developing our team in all boroughs.

  • Kian Panjavi was taken with the team as an assistant coach to gain his first experience coaching in an international competition as an assistant coach and he has also coached in the British school championships in the club competition. Kian was able to prove that coaching in an international competition isn’t a hard job if you give a chance.
  • Nam Ahmadi, our level two coach and national technical official has helped BWL in all of the national competitions since he was 17 and at the age of 19 he had the chance to referee in his first international competition, day 1 he was the right referee and time keeper and in day 2 he was the centre referee. With the admission of the organisation organisation manager he said that he done a great job.

The competition was between 77 lifters from 19 different clubs. <photo id=”1″ />

  • Tia Gayle, 11 from Ealing and our best technical lifter, confidently improved 5kg from her personal bests in training with 34/45=79KG . She missed 49 in her third attempt to lose her bronze medal between her 7 lifters.
  • Nasrin Karimi in the masters level from group 3 obtained a bronze medal and couldn’t lifters much she had done previously because she wasn’t feeling well. This was her third competition that she has ever competed in.
  • Noorin Gulam, our British senior champion could have obtained a gold medal if she repeated her total she done in the British seniors 2 weeks ago but she dropped 71kg jerk and passed the gold medal onto the Irish lifter because she was lighter and they lifted the same weights but the 71kg would have brought her to first place.
  • Shila Panjavi competed her 5th time in an international competition and moved up to the 63kg due to coaching tactics to have an easy bronze medal in a category higher. She did well with 64/84=148kg and she tried to make a personal best with 66 and 87 but it was not successful. This time we drove through France, Belgium and Germany to have a relaxed trip by enjoying the sights from the 3 countries of which everyone enjoyed and had a great time as we used our car without waiting for a minibus or service to take us to the competition venue or the sports centre for the sauna. This is how we stay close together as a team, friends and family.

PS, a big congratulation to Phil Nourse’s team for obtaining the best team for Sutton and Epsom and congratulations to Michaela Breeze for breaking a British record with her amazing 94kg duck walking snatch.







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