France- 19th Mémorial Edmond Decottignies le 21/06/2014

France team


Lille(France) our less injured team with 4 lifters( should be 5) took 7th place between 12 teams.
Nam Ahmadi ( Hillingdon-Uxbridge collaege) mde a PB in his snatch and total with 96kg snatch +120kg C/J (65kg body weight/19 years ), Kian Panjavi (Ealing-Brentside HIgh school- 15 years old) had a PB in Clean & Jerk and total by 84kg Sntach+100kg C/J (66kg BW), Jaspreet Paul ( HIllingdon) also had a PB in snatch & total 70kg snatch +87kg C/J (59kg BW- 19 years old) and his brother Gurdeep came back from a back injury, did 77kg snatch +91kg C/J (65kg BW-15 years old).

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French report

Thanks to  CHCD COMINES club with their nice hospitality who let us to participate in one of the best  well run international championships we have seen.

We had a nice and fun journey from Dover to Dunkerque and we drove to Lille which was really easy to get to Belgium even by a small walk. Our young lifters had a chance to take a part in the Lille music festival on the night which is also known as World Music Day (Fete de la Musique)


Every one did good lifting and made Kaz very proud. We have used our youth & junior lifters and took 6 place.

ps: Adam and Shila could have taken first place if they could have made it and could brought us up to second place.

jaspreetnam 95

kian 100Gurdeepteam results