2014 London Youth Games



2014 London Youth Games – Crystal Palace 6th July

”Gold for Hillingdon, Silver for Hounslow, 7th for Ealing & Harrow”

We had a big change this year compared to last year and we still got our Gold again for Hillingdon with Noorin who got silver for the girls and Gurdeep who got 5th for the boys.

In second place with only one point difference was Hounslow with Dean who took Bronze in the boys and Sophiya who came 5th. In third place was Bexley and Croydon who shared the spot.

Ealing and Harrow had a very close competition and both came 7th, Kian took 4th place in the boys along with Deborah in the girls and Se took 6th place with breaking 3 Under 14 British Records for Harrow with 85 and 110 and he missed 116 in the last second which could have led Harrow to 6th place along with Corrise. Hammersmith only had Hope who made personal bests came 9th in the girls and no result for the team because she didn’t have a male lifter.

Thanks to Nam for coaching Hillingdon, Adam for coaching Hounslow, Shila for coaching Ealing, Jaspreet for coaching Hammersmith and Alistaire for coaching Harrow with a great effort from everyone and our reserves. Out of 32 lifters around 35 boroughs in London, 30% of them were competitors from Stars for the Future in West London.

Girls result

Boys result

Team result



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Please look at last years results


London youth game 2013:       Team result        Results

Gold for Hillingdon (Nam & Noorin) and Ealing (Louis & Shonagh ) sharing the first team place &  Hammersmith (Falvian & Hope ) 5th,

Harrow (Sorcha & Se) 11th.

Girls medal : Noorin  silver ,  Shonagh 4th,  Sorcha 7th,  Hope 16th

Boys Medal : Louis  silver,  Flavian Bronze,  Nam 4th,  Dean 6th and Se 15th

2011 Hillingdon won Bronze and Ealing came 4th.

 Last year 2012 we brought 4 Boroughs and we came back home with silver for Hounslow,Harrow 4th, Ealing 10th and Hillingdon just lost Gold.

7th July 2013 we had 5 boroughs and we had a plan to get Gold, silver and Bronze but there was a big surprised for all of us where Hillingdon ( Noorin with silver for girls & Nam) along side Ealing ( Louis and Shoughna ) won gold. we could have had Bronze for team and silver for girl if Poi didn’t bombed out!

Favian from Hammersmith & Fulham took the Bronze for boy and with Hope took the 5th place. Harrow took 12th place which is good for 13 & 14 year old Gvains brother and sisters .But it hasn’t finished there!

Louis Hampton broke 2 new British records for 62kg under 17 with 57.800kg body weight 86kg Snatch + 107kg clean jerk new record and 193kg total withanother British record. We also brought 2 reserve for Ealing, 2 reserve for Hounslow, one for Harrow and one for Hillingdon all of which were supporting the team!!!

Thanks to Alister, shila and Jaspreet to help out and coaching 10 lifters all day andhelp to have a such a big glory for stars for the future.


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London Youth Games 2012   Winner –Hackney by 44 point

Second- Hounslow and Bexley by 41 point
4th place- Harrow by 34 point out of 25 Boroughs.

Last year Noorin from Hillingdon took Bronze in girls and the Hillingdon team came third with Nam.
This year we went to the London Youth Games with 4 teams. Our 4 different boroughs were from Hounslow, Ealing, Hillingdon and Harrow. All the lifters are from Stars For The Future. On the day of the competition we got another borough added to the team, Richmond came and joined us.
The competition started off with the girls. Our ealing louise and Harrow Princess started off the competition. Louse was a reserve last year but this year she lifted very well. Our new lifter to the club Princess, made a very good start to her lifts. Princess made a new Personal best bringing 17 points to Harrow.
The 3rd group was the girls. Noreen (Hillingdon), Poi (Hounslow), Holly (Richmond). Holly did a really good job with her lifts as she hadn’t trained for a while. She had competed last year as well. Noreen unfortunately didn’t lift as well as she always does. She dropped her snatches and wasn’t able to continue to the clean and jerk.  And Poi did very well; her total was a new personal best! Power snatching 46kg!
The last group was the boys. We had Nam (Hillingdon), Sabin (Ealing), David(Hounslow), Ehsan (Harrow). The boys did very well. Ehsan got a new personal best in the snatch, but didn’t do so well in the clean and jerk. Snatching 75kg and missed 99kg clean and jerk. Sabin didn’t lift to his best but still did ealing proud lifting 56kg snatch and 68kg clean and jerk missing 60kg and 72kg. David did his best lifting 68kg snatch an 85kg clean and jerk. Nam lifted 76kg snatch and 90kg clean and jerk missing out on the 100kg clean and jerk.
Hackney came 1st with Hounslow came and Bexley came 2nd drawing. Harrow came 4th. With Hillingdon missing out on the 1st place, they came 16th. Richmond came 17th and Ealing came 10th.
Out of the girls poi came 2nd being beaten by Zoe smith who is going to the London 2012 Olympics.




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