London Youth Games weightlifting trial & selection

18 lifters ( 9 girls and 9 boys) across four boroughs in London compete to select it to compete at London youth games 2015 (Crystal palace 5th July 2015).
Se Gavin broke another three records again for under 16.  He  did 125kg in clean & jerk (5kg more then last time ) and 220kg total record.
Kian Panjavi and Sorcha Gavin both become best male & female lifter of the competition.
Thank s to Harrow school to let us to use the performance gym for this students to have another experience and lean more about weightlifting.

2015 LYG Weightlifting Rules
youth game selection 2015 poster
Last year result                               Entry form                         Map 

Harrow school accepted to hold the London Youth Games weightlifting trial & selection on the 10th of May. We do the weigh-in at 10am, and start at 12pm.

We need the names, body weight and best record of the students before 3rd of March, they should be between 13 years to 18 years old ( year 9 to 13).

Address: Harrow school sports center

PS: little advice for girls is to be more confident and gain experience, try to compete at the 29th March at Crossfit IVY.