Lille Memorial Tournament 2016

team photo

A long drive from London but still time for a little stretching and bar drill.
It is our third trip to Memorial Edmond Decottignies. This time with Adam (Group 5 with 13 lifters), Debbie (Group 3 girls with 17 girls)
Andrew (Group 4 with 12 lifters).
I didn’t take my kids. Kian have an exam, Shila didn’t do well at Tenerife on Saturday, Se injured and others had silly excuses, so we don’t have a full team but it will be our first no stress/fun competition ever, especially with Andy’s company.

Debbie surprised her coach. After October 2015 at the Harrow competition, she injured her wrist, but she still came and did only squat and deadlift once a week.
Her A level exams finished on Friday and she was invited to join the team to go to France to replace Shila’s space .
She did 59kg snatch and 74kg clean & jerk and missed 79kg jerk. Brave girl.

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