London Youth Games 2016


The Hounslow team came 5th this time. Sophiya and Oliver did their best and had their best result.
Sophiya did 42+51 and took 5th place and Oliver did 89kg+ 111kg and took 4th with a 5kg personal best.
In my calculations, Hounslow should have came second and not 5th, Hillingdon and Bexley should have shared the third place, but this years system wasn’t the same as before!



Harrow had only one lifter, the same as last year. We have no girls. Harrow girls are not committed to continue this sport.
Simran did very well, 66kg and 86kg new personal bests and took 8th place in the boys result. He lifted 20kg more than last year.
We hope he can have his first London Youth Games medal in 2017


Team & Family support for club:
Shila did a great job by coaching the Ealing team and looked after Se as well. Her experience made an easy job for Kazem the head coach.
Kaline our new level 2 female coach gained a good experience to understand the rules and dealing with the competition system. She was coaching Harrow with the help of Allistair our club chairman.
Every year we have two medals at the London Youth Games and this year could have been three.
Well done to everyone. Another successful London Youth Games. We took the trophy back home for the 7th time.

Team and individual results

Team results

Team results with old system (Hounslow 2nd place)