Female only competition at new gym-23rd July 2016


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Every year we run a women only competition, this year was small as London weightlifting competition moved from 17th July to 23rd as same as our competition and 3 of our lifters were on holiday.

What a hot day we had trying to set up the venue for our new place. Original plan was to run the competition outdoors for our female only competition, but Plans changed an hour before,  Seese’s father suggested that the competition platform should be moved inside and girls should warmed up outside.

Sport England rejected our application to extend our new gym, if they do really care about the sport of weightlifting and the only weightlifting club in the west london (who covers 5 boroughs already), we wouldn’t  have had to do this! However we will carry on and bring the sport of olympic weightlifting to the masses

We had 6 young and new lifters come from Newcastle Cub Fit club with the support of their big family’s. Thanks to Hamid who drove 5 hours from Newcastle to give his lifters the chance to join my lifters and gain experience. Result will be up on the website.

Photos and videos will be on Facebook. 4 under 11, 2 master lifters, 2 youth , 4 senior and 1 junior. It was small competition but was run professionally.

Thanks to Phil Nourse (Referee) , Evelyn Stevenson time keeper and recording the lifters, Adam Chung IT technical, Alistair observing the event, Max and Abdur for the loading and Shila doing the Mc in her fun way.

We had a great day and everyone really pushed themselves to the limit. Looking forward to a bigger and better competition this time next year!


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