2017 Alpencup in Switzerland (26-27/05/2017)





Having arrived in Zurich the day before, the team drove to Rorschach for a training at the home of Athletik Sport Rorschach (ASR) on the same day. Later that day, the team headed off to the hotel in Waldkirch for a well-deserved rest, 15 miles away from the competition venue.

The competition started off on Friday 26th for Stars for the Future’s female lifters in the city of Rorschach, Switzerland. The venue – PHS Sporthalle – was located along the lake Konstanz under a bright sun and cloudless sky.

The group 1 kicked off with Vindhya Gobin (-63 kg), Nasrin Karimi (-69 kg) and Nicky Yudin (-75 kg) who achieve a performance of 45/55 in senior, 34/47 and 35/47 in master category respectively. Vindhya finished at the 8th place with a 45 personal best in the snatch, improving her total by 2kg. Nicky reached the 5th place after some time off competition, “I needed to get back to a competitive environment after my injury, I am chuffed I totalled 83kg today” said Yudin.

The group 2 saw Evelina Dauksaite in the 53kg category and Kerensky Fernandes in the 58kg category. Evelina won her category with a total of 110 kg and Kerensky reached the 6th place with a total of 119kg. “This was my first international experience and this will be beneficial for the upcoming London Youth Games in July” said Fernandes. “I could not think of a better achievement for my second competition overall in weightlifting, I missed my third attempt in snatch but I will try this weight again for the next competition” said Dauksaite.


On the Saturday 27th was scheduled the men competition. The group 1 began with Matthew Fann as a 62kg lifter. He achieved 72/85.

Kian Panjavi (-77 kg) took the gold medal in group 2. His combined total of 240 kg will help him to prepare for the European championship later this year although he is suffering from a back injury developed last year. “I was forced to pull out from my last attempt for both lifts as my injury limited my performance” said Panjavi.

Andrew Haston (-94 kg), Adam Fedorciow (-105 kg) and Max Bedouet (105+ kg) were all in the last group. Andrew managed 110 kg in the snatch displaying nice mobility skills with a step forward at the bottom position and finished with 140 kg clean and jerk. With a total of 250 kg “My last competition in Harrow did not go as planned as could not get a total, failing my 3 snatch attempts with this weight [110 kg]”.

Adam snatched 136 kg and successfully did 170 kg in the clean jerk. The Alpencup was scheduled in order to build up for the British weightlifting championship in June as he qualified for this event earlier in the year. Adam secured a gold medal at this event with a total of 306 kg. “I felt great in the snatch event. However, I lost my focus for my last clean and jerk attempt at 180 kg which made me miss the jerk. I still have one more competition to go before the British” said Fedorciow.

Lastly, Max combined total of 265 kg with 120 kg in the snatch phase and 145 in the clean and jerk stage. He will progress towards a qualification at the British Championship by competing at the end of June. He was “glad to snatch 120 kg and have an attempt at 150 kg clean and jerk after successfully lifted 145 kg for my second attempt”.

“This is an outstanding result for the club” said Kazem Panjavi, founder and head coach of Stars for the future. “It is important to push my athletes to perform in various competitive environments to make sustainable progress” said Panjavi. The club thanks the club manager Tim for relentlessly supporting the team throughout the weekend.

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Photos from the competition